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Florida Speed Boat Rentals for a Day Trip to the Florida Keys

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Speed boat rentals in Key West are perfect way to explore Key West if you should choose to go visit. If you’re planning a vacation at all though, the big question that you should ask, is what exactly is Key West? You hear about it all the time, of course, but what many people don’t know is that Key West is actually an island city that sits at the bottom of the Florida Keyes. It sits a short ninety miles north of Cuba and features a rather unique aesthetic when held in comparison with the rest of the state.

There are plenty of activities that you can partake in should you choose to visit Key West, and if you really want to enhance your vacation, make sure you visit Fleming Key to the east, and of course take a look at the various attractions that Key West is known for; such as scuba diving if you feel like going deep. You will find, of course, that even the best vacation spot is made better if you have the freedom to move around. Key West is an island, as we mentioned before, which means you have quite a bit to explore around the coast, and out deeper.

First of all, you could go so far as to hire someone to move you about in their boat, but this is not only boring, it can become very expensive. Renting a boat for a set period of time, on the other hand, allows you more freedom and the ability to come and go as you please. The one thing that you will need to make sure of however, is that you are able to find a good rental, namely one from another boat owner.

Rent a Boat in Key West and Have an Experience Like No Other

As we mentioned before, Key West has many entertainment opportunities, many of which will prove to be once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Once your vacation is over, all you will have are the memories, so why not make them great?

Take a Kayak Night Trip

If you’ve ever considered boating at night, this would be the way to do it. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the waters around Key West in the dark of night, and the best part, is the kayaks are illuminated. Kayaks have a huge advantage over larger boats in that they are inexpensive to rent for a night, or even the entire day, and they’re very easy for a novice to handle.

Go Fishing

There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of a fishing boat rental in Key West, and even more opportunities to indulge in the local marine life population. From Blue Marlin, to the snapper, and even the barracuda, you’re going to catch some impressive fish and have some great pictures to take home – if you ever decide to leave, that is! Remember, fishing charters come equipped for any occasion whether you want to go for some casual sport, or reel in the heavy weights. Then again, maybe you want to try your hand at deep sea fishing, which requires even tougher equipment.

Jet Ski Rentals

A boat rental in Key West for that matter, doesn’t need to be a forty footer or even a sailboat – sometimes you want to go a little smaller, and who doesn’t want to try a personal watercraft at some point in their lives? A jet ski rental can last just an hour, or it can go through the day. They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re a thrill like no other. If you want to stray a bit further from the land, there are also boat rentals that come with jet skis, allowing you to travel out further and have a wider area to ‘play’ in.

Speed Boat Day Trips

The quintessential day trip on the water usually involves a speed boat with a 16 to 26 foot sundeck. These boats are great for off-shore excursions, allowing you to enjoy the water with a few of your friends, whether it’s two people, or up to twelve. Speed boats are among the most popular rental options in Key West, so they tend to go fast! Make sure you call a few weeks in advance to guarantee you’ll get the speed boat you want for all of your friends – you don’t want anyone riding on the bow.

Key West boat rentals from can open up an entirely new world for you.



Boat Rentals in Miami – Inboard vs. Outboard Motors

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Are you planning to take a trip to Miami anytime soon? If so then there’s a good chance you’ve been looking at the water. There’s plenty of it, and there’s nothing quite like renting a boat from a responsible owner, giving yourself the ability to ride the waves to a multitude of destinations. Before you choose a boat, however, one of your biggest decisions, is going to be the type of motor you want to use. Those who don’t spend a good portion of their life on the water might not know that boat rentals in Miami can include both inboard and outboard motors, both of which have their own distinct benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look!

A Look at Outboard Motors

Boat Rentals in MiamiIf you’ve spent any time on a lake, then you’ve seen an outboard motor; they sit on the back of the boat, exposed to the elements, and keeping the vessel moving under a variety of conditions. Outboards have their popularity in the boating community for a few reasons including:

  • Easier to control – The outboard motor makes it easier to control the craft, especially at low speeds. For beginning boaters, this will make for a better docking experience at the end of the day, as other boats, or those with inboard motors, can only turn easily while they are traveling at high speeds.
  • Acceleration – Outboard motors tend to have the motor placed further back, which reduces the turbulence experienced by the boat itself. That being the case, boats with outboard motors tend to have greater acceleration as well as an improved fuel efficiency. In other words, its’ going to move fast and save you money.

If you’re renting a speedboat, then precision control is most likely what you’re looking for, and an outboard motor can most certainly provide that for you. These motors are perfect for fishing, especially if you’re trying to navigate a particularly dense area where that precision control we mentioned is essential to your success.

Going Inboard

Many speed boat rentals in Miami will make use of inboard motors which are mounted entirely different from their outboard cousins. Rather than being placed at the rear of the boat, you will find them at the center, utilizing a propeller shaft to push the boat through even the choppiest of waters. While boats with inboard motors might not be as easy to control, you will find that they have much more horsepower than the alternative, and they do tend to run quieter. In addition to that, inboard motors do not produce nearly as much wake as outboards, which makes them better for waterskiing.

While these boats are a bit more difficult to control, it should be noted that there are some benefits to raw beginners, namely the wake issue. Florida regulations state that a vessel’s wake must not interfere with other boaters on the water, and an inboard motor will make things a bit easier. In addition to that, there are ‘No Wake’ zones where a boater needs to be aware of their surroundings, and an inboard motor will come in handy here.

Boat Rentals in Miami

The Right Rentals at the Right Price

Whether you want to go with the inboard option or the outboard choice, there are plenty of rentals for you to take a look at. From fishing boat rental Miami, all the way to the more exciting speed boats, you have a plethora of choices, and it all depends on your preferences, as well as the activities that you will be performing while you are on the water. Extreme water sports will require a different vessel than fishing, and the level of experience required for each boat varies. Of course, you must remember that if you do not feel comfortable piloting a boat on your own, you can always charter one with a captain, allowing you to cruise with experience, and most importantly, hands free. There is a lot to see on the water in Miami, and has your back when it comes to rental options.


Summer Sailboat Rentals in Florida

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Summer is an amazing time of year for sailboat rentals in Fort Lauderdale. It’s warm, it’s fun, and you just feel more alive. When the kids are out of school for the summer, you might be considering a vacation and we’re just going to say, that no vacation is going to be complete without a sailboat rental. You can walk the sandy beaches, explore the city, or even sample the local cuisine, but none of this is going to compare with the roar of the open waves and the wind on your face as you cruise the waters of the massive Atlantic Ocean.

Boat rentals are a great opportunity for you, as a tourist, to get the advantage of sailing on the open water without the need for experience. If you rent a smaller boat, or one with an experienced captain, you will not only learn a lot, you’ll have a lot of fun.

If you are a seasoned sailor, however, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on the boat you want in the Fort Lauderdale area, and experience a freedom like no other. Whether you want a simple speedboat, a sailboat, or a full scale yacht, there’s something out there for you.

Summer Sailboat Rentals in Florida

Rent a Boat in Fort Lauderdale or Miami for your Dream Vacation

If you’re ready to rent a boat then you’re in luck; you don’t need to go through a typical boat rental service, but rather, you can rent from other owners who have owned and loved their boats for years. In addition to that, you can rent boats that are literally worth millions – an experience you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the different types of sailboats you can expect to rent and what they are used for.

CatamaranFor this article, we’re talking about the Beach Catamaran which is used for daysailing. If you are planning to rent one of these, know that they are for the intermediate to experience sailor as they take a bit of agility to operate. For this reason, you may want to consider seeking a rental that comes with a captain rather than going entirely bareboat.

Cruising SailboatSitting between 16 and 50 feet in length, these sailboats are made for the long haul. The longer models, especially those that sit above thirty feet, will have standing room below the main deck. Here you can sleep, and in some boats you will even have a kitchen area.

DaysailerSo you’re not planning on being out there very long, and the daysailer is a great option for those who just want a quick cruise. There’s a small cabin available for gear storage, and most of these boats will allow for an outboard motor. Novice boaters will find this to be an outstanding solution.

MotorsailerThese inboard sailboats are great for longer cruises, and you have the ability to switch to the onboard if you find that there is a lack of wind, or you simply need a bit more precise control.

Sailing DinghiesWhen one thinks of a sailboat, this is typically what comes to mind. This is a one or two-person boat that is fast, wet, and great for anyone who is new to sailboating or boating in general. It’s great for a day out, and is often used in sailboat racing.

The Best Summer Sailboat Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

You have your choice of sailboats this summer and it won’t be long before you’re cruising the waves and enjoying your day in the sun. Just remember that has far more of a selection than what we’ve mentioned above. There are a ton of different options whether you’re with a family or by yourself. Rent a boat in Fort Lauderdale and make your summer vacation one to remember.


Best Boat Rentals for Fishing Excursions

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Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice fisherman, fishing boat rentals in Florida can definitely play into your hand. If you’ve spent any amount of time investigating the different fishing locations in Florida, then you already know you’re in for quite the experience. You can always go for the exotic fish, of course, but you might actually consider going beyond that and taking a look at something a little bigger.

Fishing expeditions, especially in the Atlantic Ocean can prove to be outstanding adventures.  There are actually several boating options in the Atlantic, especially in the Florida area, one of which is to book a trip on one of Florida’s many fishing boats that can host several groups at once. If you want a different experience however, perhaps you’ll want to consider fishing boat rentals in Florida.

A More Personal Experience when you Rent a Boat in Florida

The best option would be to go with a boat rental, and you will quickly find that there are a number of these available with many different options. There are tons of fishing boat rentals in Florida, after all, what else would there be? Of course you could also see what the Atlantic has to offer. The choices are ocean sized, and there are lots of rental choices available.

Boat Rentals in Florida – The Experience You Choose

Best Boat Rentals for Fishing ExcursionsWhen it comes to the experience, you have absolute autonomy, especially in terms of fishing vessels. Perhaps you want a small speedboat to have a more personal experience with the ocean. There is nothing quite like experiencing the waves as they crash against the side of your fiberglass boat, and the roar of the motor directly behind you. Then again, maybe you want something with a bit more of a disconnect, such as a forty footer, or generally something with a cabin and a bilge pump. If you want to take it to another extreme, there are yachts available which will allow you to have the fishing experience while permitting others on your trip to enjoy their time in the sun in other ways. It’s a win win situation, and one you don’t want to miss out on if you can afford it. In the end, it’s the experience that YOU choose, not the other way around!

Part of the fun of looking through boat rentals is seeing all of the different types of fishing boats that you can choose. We’re only going to list a few of them, but you’ll get a good idea of what you’re looking for!

Pontoon BoatsHere we have the quintessential family fishing boat. It features a full, flat deck for passengers to walk about and is generally used for day cruising. This multi-hull boat differs from most other boats on the market in that it stays afloat using pontoons, steel tubes filled with a foam that support the entirety of the hull. Featuring couch-like seating and plenty of storage, it’s the ideal boat for a family day trip.

TrawlersIf you’re going to take a longer trip, this is the one you want to try. These feature a displacement hull which entitles them to use less horsepower, and thereby save on fuel economy. In addition to that, sleeping and cooking areas allow you to stay on the water for longer periods of time. \

Cabin CruiserWhen one thinks of fishing boats, this is usually where their mind actually goes. The cabin cruiser features a galley, sleeping area, and even a bathroom. Additionally, they can handle choppy waters, making them idea for traveling out further.

Speed BoatThis is definitely the smallest among the boats that we’re going to mention, but it’s also one of the better ones when it comes to that personal fishing experience. You’re closer to the water, and you’re focused solely on fishing. It might not be great for extended cruises, but it certainly gets the job done.

If you’re ready to start thinking about an extended vacation and a fishing trip to Florida, then it’s time to begin taking a look at the different boating options. Take a look at the website and browse through a massive catalogue of boats, all available for rent by their respective owners. You can choose anything from a small boat for a short expedition, or something that you can take out onto the water for days. After all, these fishing trips can become long! If you’re visiting the Florida area, especially the coast, then the ocean is not something that you will want to miss out on, not by any stretch of the imagination. There are far too many things for you to see, far too many experiences to have, and quite frankly, far too many fish for you to catch. There is very little doubt that no matter which boat you choose to take out on your expedition to Florida, you’re going to come back with some incredible stories to tell.


Upscale Boat Rentals for Special Occasions

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Taking a vacation on the water is about far more than just grabbing the first boat you see and hoping for the best, you need a boat that suits you, you need one that can give you the experience you want, and boat rentals for special occasions are more popular now than ever before.

Rent a Boat for Special Occasions on the High Seas

boat rentals for special occasionsThere are many different special occasions for which you might need to rent a boat, some of them include:

Birthday PartiesThese only come around once a year, and you can use a boat to make it special. Maybe you’re throwing the party for yourself, or maybe you’re throwing it for a young child. Either way, there is something out there to meet your needs and make it special. Upscale rentals like these can include sailboats or yachts to provide not only a memorable, but exotic experience. If you want to take it up a notch, the you might want to consider a party boat which furnishes you and your guests with a vibrant party atmosphere, full service, and of course a beautiful ocean backdrop.

WeddingsIf done right, a wedding comes around once in a lifetime, and just like a birthday party, you really want to make sure that it is a memorable occasion. This isn’t always easy, but is definitely doable, especially if you’ve gone to the trouble of procuring an upscale boat rental. Maybe you want to celebrate with friends, maybe you want to have your wedding on the boat, or maybe you just want to ride off into the sunset with your new spouse. Either way, there’s a boat out there waiting for you.

HoneymoonsAfter the wedding, you need to do something special, and that means more than just going out to a restaurant. It means taking your spouse somewhere special, somewhere on the water, or perhaps even to a port of call. It doesn’t matter where you go, so long as you have fun, and you do it on an amazing boat. For a smaller, more intimate space, smaller cruising yachts might be in order. Ranging between 21 and 36 feet, these boats can be rented with a captain, or bareboat as they are not a challenge to handle.

If small and cozy isn’t to your liking, however, then it could be within your best interest to seek out a 25 to 90 footer which can come with not only a beautiful, sophisticated interior, but also a service tem that will serve a romantic dinner for two. There’s nothing quite like dining by candlelight, and when you combine it with the beauty of the ocean, it’s an experience that can’t be beaten.

As you can see, there are many reasons for you to enjoy a great boat outing, and you’re going to quickly find that there are several different types available. When it comes to special occasions, like we said, you need to rent a boat that is able to meet some very specific needs.

Getting the Right Boat Rentals

The most common boat for special occasions is a yacht, if you can afford one, simply because of the amenities that it offers. For example, a yacht, even a smaller one, is going to feature a galley, dining area, recreation areas, crew quarters, a kitchen, sun deck, and more, depending on the make and model. The benefits are nearly endless, and a yacht will provide you with all the entertainment you need for a calmer outing.

What if you don’t’ want a calmer outing, however? What if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting? There are sail boats, speed boats, and a plethora of other models out there for you to try. Maybe you’re thinking of trying your hand at extreme sports, and with a good speed boat, you might consider parasailing or skiing. There’s more to do on the water than just float, which is something that many people tend to forget.

Ready, Set, Rent!

upscale boat rentalsWhether you want speed boat rentals or some other type of craft, you can easily get it by searching out the different available craft in Florida area. From Miami, to Fort Lauderdale, there is always something out there for you to enjoy.

Across the Florida area, boat owners have come together to list their boats and allow those interested to rent them, taking them out for extended adventures, or just short off-shore excursions. In addition to having a boat to rent, you could also choose one that is captained by the owner, which is definitely a plus for those who are interested in sailing but don’t know the first thing about it.

As you can see, there is plenty of reasons to try out a boat rental service, and it won’t be long before you’re on your way to a great adventure. It is true that upscale boat rentals can be a little more expensive, but you will find that they are not only worth it, but that they are in great supply in many different variations. Take for example the Sea Ray Sundancer –a boat that costs $100,000 to $200,000 on the market, but you can rent it for a fraction of the cost on Additionally, we have gems like the Azimut AZ55S OPEN which costs a whopping $1.2 million – it’s an experience that you don’t want to miss out on. The water provides many opportunities, and upscale boat rentals will take you to them.