Visit These Three Snorkeling Hotspots when you Rent a Boat in Key West

If you’re looking for a great way to spend the majority of your Florida vacation, then Key West boat rentals are without a doubt your key to adventure and excitement. There are lots of things to do in Key West, as you have probably already figured out, but the greatest excitement can be found beneath the waves, rather than in the cities. There’s an entire world of adventure down there just waiting for you to discover it, and it all starts with renting a boat. Before you can go, however, you need to be aware of the different snorkeling locations in and around Key West – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Finding the Best Snorkeling Locations

There’s a lot of water in Key West, to put it mildly. Even if you take advantage of a boat rental in Key West you will need to know where to go, and it is not always self-explanatory. Generally, the consensus is that anywhere in the Florida Keys is a great place for snorkeling if you have a boat, but if you’re not an experienced boater or snorkeler, then you’re going to need some guidance. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best locations in Key West to drop anchor and explore the sea bottom.

Before we get into that, however, let’s talk a bit about Key West. First of all, it’s the most popular boating destination in the Keys, and one of the greatest benefits is that it is not nearly as popular as the northern areas. That being the case, it’s a bit quieter, and a bit more enjoyable if you’re looking for solitude and a less busy area to boat in.

Be Your Own Captain!

One of the biggest problems with snorkeling in Key West is actually finding a prime location. You can snorkel anywhere, but on the south side of the island you’ll mostly find areas that are rife with seaweed, and while that might be interesting to a raw beginner, those who came looking for the colorful backdrops normally seen in snorkeling videos are going to be sorely disappointed. The following locations will serve to provide great snorkeling opportunities during your boat rental in Key West

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

This area is so named for the Civil War era fort that like so many others sits on the coast as a haunting reminder of America’s past. Apart from that, however, the southwest tip of Key West provides a series of man -made breakwater areas that do a great job of providing fish filled areas. It’s a great opportunity to see Florida’s marine life at its finest. One important thing to note about this area is that it tends to play host to high currents, so be very careful if you choose to swim outside the breakwater.

Higgs Beach

You won’t have to pay a dime to get in here, other than the gas expenses to move your boat from one place to the next. Visitors who rent a boat in Key West love to frequent this location for the exploration opportunities. Most of the easy life in this area can be seen below the old dock right off the beach, and you’ll find plenty of other great secrets as well. If you get tired of exploring beneath the surface, you can always retire to the beach and enjoy a day in the sun – it features some of the clearest waters in Florida, and a great experience overall.

The Florida Keys present some of the greatest diving and snorkeling opportunities in the country and when you rent a boat in Key West from you will be able to not only take advantage of them, but explore locations you never even imagined. Remember, has a wide selection of water craft suitable for exploration, snorkeling, or just hanging out on the water.


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