Miami Boat Rental – Deep V Hulls vs. Flat Bottoms

When you are thinking about renting a boat there are many aspects you consider – passenger space, cabin size, how nice the fly deck looks, but one thing you probably never think about is the hull. What’ the range of the boat? Your boat rental Miami will depend upon the type of hull, and today we’re going to discuss the two different types: Flat Bottom and Deep V.

Flat Bottom Miami Boat Rental

The flat bottom boat is actually a pretty interesting concept. The flat bottom boat moves with the ocean, and as you get further out into the water you will start to experience waves. Because the boat moves with the ocean, it’s going to move in the EXACT same way, so if a wave crashes, the boat will crash with it. There may be instances where you can get over the wave, but in most cases physics is going to in out. That being said, flat bottom boats are usually used for fishing or relaxing near the shore. Most commonly you will find them on calm lakes which are plentiful near Miami.

Miami Boat Rental

Deep-V Hulls

Larger boats and those that are meant for speed will usually have what is known as a V shaped hull or a Deep V. You will find these on yachts as well as speed boat rentals in Miami, and they are designed to break the waves, quite literally. Deep V’s are a feat of science even if it doesn’t quite seem like it today – they’re able to move through the ocean effortlessly, pushing the waves aside as they move. This not only makes the trip much safer, it means greater stability and capability for the boat inhabitants.

Miami Boat RentalThis might seem very simple but it is very important to consider when you are renting a boat for leisure. Larger boats, such as yachts are naturally going to have a V shaped hull to give them longer range for charters, but smaller boats could go either way. That being said, when you are looking for boat rentals in Miami you will need to make sure that you ask yourself the following questions: What do you want to rent the boat for? How far out do you want to sail? How much time will you be spending on the boat? Whether the boat is large or small, you should note that if you are prone to sea sickness the Deep V hull will help to offset it, making your day trip a lot more enjoyable.

The cool thing about is that we have many different types of boats for you to enjoy, all of which have different types of hulls. You might want to rent a small kayak to enjoy solitude on the waves, or maybe you want to jump onto a massive yacht, spending a few weeks relaxing on what could technically be defined as a second home.

Whatever your needs are, from speed boat rentals in Miami to small fishing boat rentals in Miami, is ready and willing to accommodate and will make sure that you have the opportunity to enjoy your trip. Take a look at our website right now and get ready to have the marine experience of a lifetime with top of the line boats in the best state in America.


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