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Yacht Rental Miami: The Ultimate Luxurious Experience

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There are many ways to enjoy a trip to Miami. It is, after all, one of the most diverse and exciting cities not just in the United States but also the world. And no trip to The Magic City would really be complete without making the most of yacht rental Miami to get out and explore the amazing waterways that surround it.

Although there are literally dozens of different kinds of boats you could choose to rent, one really does stand head and shoulders above all of the others when it comes to indulgent pleasure; the luxury yacht. After all, what’s the one thing you can almost guarantee that lots of millionaires – not to mention billionaires – count as a part of their investment portfolio? An amazing yacht of course.

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The Yacht That Tries to Eclipse All Others 

By dictionary definition a yacht is, according to Merriam-Webster ” any of various recreational watercraft: such as a sailboat used for racing or a large usually motor-driven craft used for pleasure cruising” And when it comes to luxury yachts that definition certainly gets much broader.

Take, for instance, a yacht called ‘The Eclipse’. It belongs to Russian billionaire and UK soccer club owner Roman Abramovich. It is believed to be worth, at the moment, somewhere around $1.9 billion but as, according to reports in the British media, being overhauled for the fourth or fifth time, its worth is likely to soar again. The reason for the extensive upgrades is, according to his friends, that Mr. Abramovich wants to continually ensure that his ‘pleasure craft’ is as luxurious as it can get.

Eclipse yacht

To this end, ‘The Eclipse’ boasts around 30 cabins, including 11 huge state rooms, each of those boasting their own cinema screen and Jacuzzi hot tub. There are a half dozen swimming pools, a complete discotheque, two helipads and even exterior fire-pits and decks for entertaining. The yacht boasts the highest levels of security usually available only to heads of state and as there are seven Abramovich children the fact that there is also a purpose built ‘kids wing’ should come as no surprise.

It takes a staff of 92 to keep this luxury yacht running, including several Michelin starred chefs and the 557ft-boat can accommodate 36 people in comfort, making it a luxury yacht to be reckoned with indeed.

Celebrities and Yacht Rental

Although many superstars own their own luxury mega yacht – including the likes of David Geffen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Steven Spielberg to name just a few – there are other celebrities who like to keep their cruising options open by renting a luxury yacht as and when they need one instead. For example, Jay Z, Beyonce and their ever growing brood opt for yacht rental over ownership, something that allows them to cruise waterways all over the world in high style without the hassle of having to actually maintain a boat themselves.

Luxury yachts

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Luxury Yacht Rental for the Rest of Us

All of this talk of luxury yachts and the high life sounds fantastic, but it’s only for the rich and famous right? Actually, when it comes to yacht rental Miami that’s not the case at all. You see there are lucky yacht owners who, while they love their pleasure craft, are just a little too busy to spend too much time on them, so rather than see their vessels languish in a port or harbor someplace unused choose to rent them out instead at

65' Princess luxury yacht rental Miami

What Luxury Yacht Rental Miami Can Offer

Like Jay Z and Beyonce, by making use of yacht rental Miami you can enjoy all of the joys of luxury yachting without any of the hassles and expenses of actually maintaining a boat  yourself. And boy can you experience some wonderful stuff.

If topping up your tan and soaking up the sun, while taking in the amazing sights and sounds of the Miami area is what you aspire to do most with your time out on the water then luxury yacht rental is ideal.

Luxury yacht rental MIAMI

Many boats are equipped with spacious lounging decks furnished in the most elegant of styles and that offer premium viewing for all of those stunning vistas you’ll be sailing by. You can choose to skip catering for yourself and take a leaf out of Roman Abramovich’s book and hire a world class chef to cater to your every culinary need and if you’d like to party a little you can hire a top DJ as well.

Luxury yacht rental Miami

Yacht rental Miami is also a great choice for the more active traveler as well. No luxury yacht is really complete without a full complement of ‘toys’ – jet skis, water skis, tubes and much more – and those toys are usually made freely available to renters to make use of. Given that the waters around Miami are fantastic for watersports and fishing then this is a really fantastic opportunity as well.

The Princess V70 yacht rental Miami

The simple fact is that luxury yacht rental Miami can be whatever you want it to be, and you don’t have to have Jay Z’s bank account to afford to indulge yourself either, just a connection to all the best yacht renting Miami and luxury yacht charter options via

Yacht Rental Miami for your epic vacation

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Yacht rental Miami at Brings Adventure to Your Vacation!

Yacht rental Miami is a great idea when you have already been to the seaside for a dozen times now, and it seems that nothing can impress you. Instead of just lying at the beach under dazzling sun — pick a yacht at and make this vacation impossible to forget.
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Why Should I Rent a Yacht?

Let’s assume that you have never been on a yacht trip, or, which is even harder to believe in, you were on such a trip and didn’t like it. We would highly recommend you to give it another try, and here are just a few reasons why:

    • It’s an epic experience. Did you know that our brain loves new information? This is probably why we are so addicted to scrolling news feed without even paying much attention to the details of news – our brain needs constant stimulation. But, unlike staying in and automatically refreshing your Facebook page, private yacht charter is a lot more useful and exciting in every way.


    • You can find your passion. It’s hard to say whether you like sailing and yachting, if you have never tried that. This is one of those experiences when you suddenly realize that you’ve found the hobby of your whole life. Can you realize this just by looking at yachts for rent docked at mooring, waiting for you to pick one of them? Of course, not. Give it a try – only then you will know. Who knows, maybe you are one click away from the passion of your life!


  • You will have a ton of fun.

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How Do I Choose a Yacht?

The yacht you choose should fit your occasion, number of people aboard and the budget of course. It is also a great idea to use yacht rentals as a way to try out various water sports. You can find some great tips on how to pick the right boat here. Boating may not become your permanent hobby, nevertheless, take it from us – you will have a great time regardless of the circumstances, people you invite and type of boat you choose. Maybe, none of your friends agreed to go – then you can rent a smaller boat and spend an incredible day alone with the vast and incredible ocean. Those, who have tried, say this is an ultimate refreshing technique. So, if you are feeling weary, charter a yacht and get ready to leave all your worries on the shore.

How Can I Charter a Yacht?

We hope that now you are enthusiastic about sailing into deep sea or learning how to steer more than you have ever been in your life. But you also have a lot of questions. “What are average yacht rental prices? Where can I find trustworthy yacht charter?” Well, here is good news: now you don’t need to worry about these questions, because you can use Follow these simple steps to find and book a boat for your day-off:

  • Specify departure location, date and type of charter (hourly or daily). For example you are visiting Miami and picked hourly rentals.  You will now see a list of yacht rental Miami and locations within 30 miles have to offer. Then you will be taken to the extended search form. We advise you to plan your epic party or romantic vacation in advance, so you will be able to pick from the best boats available without rush.
  • Fill in the areas that are important to you – the type of boat, preferred price, captain assistance. If you are throwing a party, ask your potential guests to confirm their attendance in advance.It’ll be frustrating to book an 80’ luxury yacht with a professional captain and find out that only five people came.
  • Pick a boat and check extended description and photos available. Book the boat you liked the most and wait for your epic vacation!


What If I Need Advice?

If you still have some questions left, feel free to contact us via live chat at the website or via any other ways of communication you prefer (you can find them at Contacts).  We will gladly help you find the best yachts for rent and deal with any questions that may arise in process. We understand that renting a yacht for the first time, especially if you have no specific knowledge in this area, can appear challenging. We at are always ready to assist you on your way to deep sea and debunk the myth that renting a yacht is difficult.
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