5 Top Tips for Finding the Right Boat Rentals Near You

Usually, if you are visiting and vacationing anywhere near the water, you’ll find that there are lots of boats around too. There are so many recreational opportunities you can enjoy with a boat at your disposal, that simply are not available on land, and so it’s not surprising that many people find themselves wondering “where can I find boat rentals near me?” as they plan their vacation activities.

If you are new to the idea of boat rentals though you should know that there is more to renting the right boat to suit your needs – and your budget – than simply opting for a boat that looks ‘cool’ or is available at the lowest rate. At BOAT.ME we make it easy to find a rental boat, but we’d also like to clue you in on five top tips and tricks for making sure it really is just what you need.

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Getting the Fit Right

If you are not too familiar with boats in general, it can be hard to envision the size of the boat you’ll need you accommodate you and the rest of your vacation crew. Even if all the dimensions are clearly stated in a rental listing – which at BOAT.ME they always are – envisioning just what 16 feet looks like in real life isn’t always easy to do.

To help you out a little here, basically a boat of 16-19 feet is a perfect size for an intimate group of four to six, 21 to 27 feet is ideal for a larger party, say, seven or eight of you, and boats larger than that can often comfortably accommodate up to 12 people, so if you are up for a livelier time with lots of friends that’s probably the right choice for you.

Get the Boat That Suits Your Plans

As we mentioned, answering the question “where can I find boat rentals near me?” isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, especially when it comes to what you actually intend to do out there on the water. Some people like to take it easy, some people are looking for action and some are even hoping to make a fabulous – and memorable – impression on that special person by treating them to a real trip to remember. And to meet these different needs, there are different types of boat.

For those who want to go sandbar cruising and just basically hang out and cruise around a little – but not too far – a pontoon boat rental is an excellent choice. If you want to do some higher speed sightseeing, or just really enjoy the thrill of the surf and the wind in your hair, a speedboat¬†rental is just the ticket. Larger yachts and catamarans are very well-suited to longer trips and for that special romantic time? It’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful sailboat. And when working with BOAT.ME don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help if you’re still having trouble making a decision.

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Get the Boat That Suits Your Budget

Many people are delighted to find that in many cases renting a boat for personal and exclusive use is far more affordable than they imagined, often comparable in cost to a standard tourist excursion. But that doesn’t mean that you want to blow your budget of course, so understanding upfront just how much a boat rental is going to cost you in total is another must.

Often there are a few more costs involved in a boat rental than simply just a standard hourly or daily rate. You may have to pay for fuel, or there may be a small fee for additional services like clean up. At BOAT.ME we help out here by ensuring that all of the fees and expenses are clearly defined upfront, meaning they’ll be no nasty surprises on the day when you may have chosen to leave your wallet back at the hotel!

Inquire about Optional Extras

Many people who rent out their boats have stocked them with all kinds of cool extras and fun toys, but often they won’t make them available unless you actually ask, as they sometimes call for a bit of advanced setup and planning. What kind of extras you may ask? Things like surf, paddle boards, slides and tubes, scuba gear and fishing rods are often available on an as needed basis as well as really neat extras like drone photography, catering and more. Make sure you inquire about these kinds of extras and book them in advance, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

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Check the Rules Before You Book

Most private charters are boats that belong to private owners and these are vessels that really are their pride and joy. Because this is the case, besides the general boating rules, some boat owners do set certain rules to help keep you, and their boat, safe and in the best possible shape.

Sometimes boat owners would prefer there to be no smoking, or that red wine isn’t one of the beverages you bring on board (red wine stains on gorgeous leather upholstery can be hell to get out.) On the other hand, some owners are more than happy for people to bring their dogs along for the ride, or have created a boat that’s particularly kid-friendly for those lovely family days out out on the water.

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Making sure you understand the rules of your chosen rental beforehand really is a must. At BOAT.ME we ensure that they are easy to find within the rental listings and again, if you have questions, we’re always happy to help.¬†

Many people find that once they have answered the question ‘”where can I find a boat rentals near me?” by actually doing so it becomes a little addictive and a vacation must in the future. At BOAT.ME we certainly understand that – we love boats and everything they offer – and are always available to help you plan the perfect boat charter, whether you are a first time customer or an ‘old hand.’

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