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Miami Yacht rental Essentials for the Ultimate Nautical Fun!

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You want to make the most of your time in Miami, but wandering the streets as the heat and humidity rises may not be the most appealing way to do so, unless you don’t mind ending up a sticky, sweaty exhausted mess by 4 p.m. A great alternative? Making use of the services of a company offering Miami yacht rental to experience Miami the way it’s supposed to be experienced; on the water.

Miami yacht rental offers you the chance to explore some of the most beautiful water in the world; the Biscayne Bay, the Intracoastal Highway or you can even head out to the ocean. But such a trip also offers you the chance to party and have fun, especially since you can leave all the navigation to the captain of your rented vessel and focus on nothing more than the water, the sun and having fun.

Yacht rental Miami

What to Wear

The one thing that stumps some people planning to head out onto the water for the day is quite what to wear. Swimsuits are practically essential of course but do you really want to spend the entire day wandering around in next to nothing, especially as out there on the water it’s a lot windier than you might think?

One of the things that Miami is known for – apart from the great beaches, amazing bodies of water, fantastic food, amazing shopping and so much more – is great style. And a day out on a yacht is a great chance to showcase yours.

While you are certainly free to express your nautical style in any way you like, there are very good reasons why classics like Breton striped shirts, capris, chinos, and cotton shorts remain the clothing of choice for seasoned yachtsmen and women. They are light, comfortable, dry quickly and fold up small when and if you do swap them for bathing attire and a quick dip and are basically pieces that never go out of style.

Miami yacht rental in style

Take the Breton striped top. Brigitte Bardot wowed in the 60s in the look, as did James Dean and Marilyn Monroe a decade before. The mega pop group revitalized the look in their glamorous yacht-centric  music videos in the 80s and in the 21st century everyone from Kate Moss and Johnny Depp to Kate Middleton and Beyonce are keeping them in style when they hit the high seas.

The other thing to remember is that although the stores may offer lots of great deck shoes, the majority of yacht rental Miami experiences do not allow shoes at all, so rather than focusing on finding a cool looking pair of shoes that you then won’t be able to wear all day, spend the cash on a good pedicure as instead (both boys and girls) so that you look great barefoot.

What to Eat

Even if you are only going to be out on the water for a few hours everyone is bound to get at least a little peckish, and if you are planning a day trip then food is certainly a must. Many yacht rentals also offer optional on-board catering, and if you are willing to spend a little more to save yourself time and hassle, and well as get some truly great grub, then it may be the way to go.

Miami yacht rental catering

If, on the other hand, you want to bring your own picnic then most yacht rentals do come equipped with a fridge, but it will help to make sure beforehand, to avoid being left with soggy sandwiches and warm champagne.

In terms of menu you might want to keep things light. The waters can get a little choppy at times and a big heavy meal might not sit too well (literally) for many people. Light canapes, seafood and salads are all great choices and in addition to all of that champagne or Prosecco that is practically a must don’t forget to pack lots of soft drinks and water, as yachting can be very thirsty work.

What to Do 

For some, yachting is about relaxing, kicking back and simply going with the flow, enjoying the stunning scenery in the company of good friends. For others it’s a time to really party, taking advantage of some of the many extras that are available with Miami yacht rental like jet skis, water tubes, special champagne bars and more. Some people choose to hit the water for their bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations, and yes, sometimes even their wedding. In fact, whatever you long to do out on the water, Miami yacht rentals can accommodate you, all you have to do is ask.

Miami yacht rental romantic trip

Boat Rental Seattle: Exciting Water-bound Experiences

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Referred to by some as the ‘boating capital of North America’, Seattle is perfectly placed between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington to offer an almost endless range of experiences that boaters of all ages and experience levels can enjoy. From water-sports and nature watching to sightseeing and dockside dining there really is something for everyone who choose to opt for boat rental Seattle.

Boat rental Seattle sailboats

If you’ve yet to experience all that the waters around the Emerald City then you are in for a treat. Planning a trip to this stunning Northwestern city but not sure what you could actually do, or where you should go if you do opt to spend some time offshore? Here are just a few suggestions to fire up your imagination:

Port Orchard Port Orchard is an easy cruise from downtown Seattle, one that takes just over fifteen minutes or so. Once there boaters discover that they have arrived in a truly picturesque town that is built along one of the best inland waterways to travel along in the US. The salmon fishing is second to none, setting up a wonderful day for fishermen, and the scenery is astonishing. Head off your vessel and onto land and you’ll find fabulous dining and shopping experiences abound. And if you are very lucky you may get to experience the sight of something truly wonderful; majestic orca whales gliding through the Sinclair Inlet.

Boat rental Seattle: Port Orchard Marina

Poulsbo – Some people call this place Little Norway on the Fjord, and if you choose to boat along its waterways it won’t be too hard to see why. The peninsula on which it sits, halfway between the urban centers of Seattle and Tacoma is completely surrounded by water, making it the perfect destination for fishermen, watersports enthusiasts – the waters around the town recently became one of the first recognized water trails for paddlers in the US – and nature lovers.

Boat rentals Seattle in Poulsbo

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Poulsbo is also the perfect spot for a quiet cruise, taking in views of snow-capped mountains and fabulous forested vistas and you can top off the day by anchoring up in the town’s historic harbor and heading off to enjoy some delicious dining.

Bell Harbor – Located in the lively heart of downtown Seattle itself the Bell Harbor is a large, ‘recreational’ body of water that is considered to be the heart of the city. Bright and lively it offers guest dockage that allows those who choose boat rental Seattle to experience Seattle in the best possible way, both from the water and by exploring the area around the harbor itself.

From taking a trip to the fascinating aquarium, to exploring the famous Pike Place Market – site of, coffee lovers – the original Starbucks and one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the US – to taking in the view of the stunning Seattle skyline, there’s something for everyone. And, should you happen to be in the area, there are few better places you can choose to spend the 4th of July as the celebration staged annually at Bell Harbor is a real stunner.

Seattle boat rental

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Bainbridge Island – Another spot that is very close to the beating heart of Seattle and just a short sail away from downtown is Bainbridge Island. Despite its close proximity to the city though it feels like it’s a world away. A quaint harbor is its central focus and boat watching is a fun activity in itself, especially if you can spot some of the larger yachts Paul  that belong to the likes of billionaire locals like Oakley founder James Jannard and Microsoft’s Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer. But there is also fishing, water-sports and the simple pleasure of sailing to be enjoyed, as well as all of the land based fun the island offers as well.

Boat rental Seattle: bainbridge island

San Juan Islands – It would be very easy to write pages and pages about the San Juan Islands and no doubt one day we will. In a nutshell however, the best way to describe them is as a little slice of paradise right in the heart of the Northwest.

Technically an archipelago consisting of more than 170 islands, the only way to reach the San Juan Islands is by air or by boat, there are no bridges or roads that connect them to the mainland, but renting the boat of your choice – if you are wise with a captain as well, at least on your first visit – will never be money badly spent. Many people hit the water specifically to go whale watching – and for good reason as spying a majestic Orca rising from the water is an amazing and memorable sight – but there are many more reasons to leave the land.

Watersports are a must try for the active and adventurous, the fishing is incredible, and an Outer Islands cruise in any vessel will take you through some of the best of what is all truly beautiful scenery in the area. Head inland and you can stop off at one of the four most heavily populated of the islands – San Juan Island, Orcas Island, Lopez Island and Shaw Island – and enjoy everything from fine dining and spectacular shopping to hiking, biking, wine tasting, concert going and more.

27 Regal boat rental Seattle

Whatever your personal passions, taking advantage of boat rental Seattle when visiting the Emerald City and the surrounding area will only serve to enhance the experience. The areas and trips we’ve just described are also only a rather small selection of the boating opportunities that abound.