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Pontoon Boat Rental – Affordable And Fun

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If you’re looking to have an exciting and enjoyable boating experience but worry about going overboard (pun intended) shelling out a ton of money just to make it happen, you might consider a Pontoon boat rental, one of the most spacious types of boats available for rent. Their flat builds, wide-open floor plans, and customization options allow maximum deck space for your party or get-together. Grab your friends, have everyone chip in, and you have an inexpensive, fun and festive night out on the water.

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What Exactly Is a Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat looks like a mini-barge, floating on buoyant tubes called “pontoons.” It can be considered a floating room, flat and spacious, its arrangement best suited for social gatherings. For a mix of boating and social interaction, a pontoon boat can host a plethora of people and its strong stability on the water means no liquid spilling out of your drink or getting caught off guard by a small wave and tripping onto the floor, embarrassing yourself.

They have wide-open floor plans and are built for maximum space, whether it’s for seating, standing, hosting a portable wet bar, or storage. Although pontoon boats used to be considered slow and just simply “floaters,” many pontoon boats these days have massive engines and can travel just as fast as other boats much smaller.

Benefits of a Pontoon Boat Rental Near Me

Go out to the club and pay a massive cover, continuing to pay for over-priced watered down drinks. Sound like a good time? Think quantity will save you money? Get bottle service and prepare to be stood corrected. Go to a bar and still end up with a giant tab. You and your friends might even get stuck with someone glued to the jukebox blasting Journey on repeat and it’s only 9pm.


Would you rather plan a fun get-together at your apartment? You better hope your neighbors next to you, above you, and below you like the same music you do and don’t have to wake up early. A pontoon boat is your personal party on the water, a “party barge,” if you will. You have the intimacy of a private gathering with enough space to avoid everyone banging into each other, enough space for comfort.

Pontoon boat rentals near me

Because of pontoon boats’ flat design, more space is available on deck, creating a great atmosphere for parties, get-togethers, just plain hanging out, or getting some much needed quality family time. Overhangs or full enclosure tops can extend your outings to times of the year where the weather is less than ideal. Prices will also be less during these times, another factor you might consider when renting.

Budget Boating

Renting a pontoon boat is the best choice for boating on the cheap. Hook up a Spotify playlist, skip the Don Perignon, and you will still have as much fun as you would otherwise, if not more so, at a fraction of the price. The large amount of deck space available means you can invite all your friends and then some. If everyone wants to chip in for the price of the boat rental, it can cost close to nothing. Boating can be expensive, but with pontoon boat rental, it doesn’t have to be.

Pontoon boat rentals near me

Even higher-end pontoon boats can be inexpensive if everyone wants to chip in. Higher-end pontoon boats can have multiple levels, changing rooms, built-in sound systems, high-tech lighting, and even spacious restrooms.

Customize Your Experience

Pontoon boats are built and even retrofitted in a variety of ways. Some have overhangs and enclosures just in case the forecast calls for a slight chance of rain and you want to be on the water, not under it. Some pontoon boats are built for fishing, fully equipped with fishing seats and a fishing station, with all the necessary storage for your fishing equipment.

pontoon boat rentals near me

Other pontoon boats are multi-level, complete with a small, spiral staircase leading to an upper deck. Atop the second floor, you can host a party with a different vibe than what’s happening on the main deck. Have a bustling main deck? Create a quieter, more atmosphere up on the second floor.

Some people even fit their pontoons with a waterslide starting at the upper level leading straight down to the water. The sky’s the limit. Some have intricate seating arrangements which allow the perfect setup for socializations, while others have extremely minimal seating, leaving more standing room for a more meet-and-greet environment.

Find Your Perfect Pontoon Boat

Aside from renting a giant, pricey yacht, a pontoon boat is the most cost-efficient way to throw a get-together that includes more than just a few people while making your wallet smile. If you’re thinking, “I want to find a pontoon boat rental near me,” visit to find the perfect pontoon boat for your next festivity. The only thing more enjoyable than entertaining on land is entertaining on the water.

Alternative Halloween Ideas: a Ghost Ship Party

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Halloween is fast approaching, and as we all know the spookiest holiday of the year is no longer just for kids, it’s an excuse to throw a petrifying party for all ages.

While the annual block party might be fun – there’s Uncle Mike dressed up as a bat again, what a wag, and Granny’s Graveyard Chili is always good – if you long to do things a little differently this year we have the perfect suggestion – launching your own ghost ship and taking your Halloween celebrations out to sea.

Think that sounds a bit far-fetched? Then think again. All you need is a charter boat, some like-minded party-goers and a little imagination. Here are just a few tips and ideas for putting it all together with ease!

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Finding Your Ghost Ship

While there are all kinds of charter boats available the best choice for a Halloween bash – and for conversion into a great ghost ship for the evening – is the versatile pontoon. Pontoon boats were almost created to be the perfect party venue. They come in a number of different capacities, offer form, style and great function and, perhaps best of all in the minds of many, are one of the most affordable answers to the question which are the best charter boats near me when planning to throw a party at any time of year.

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Creating Your Ghost Ship

Some of the scariest traditional Halloween tales center around a ghost ship. From the legend of the cursed for eternity Flying Dutchman, and the chilling mystery of the Mary Celeste to the terrifying tale of the shimmering spirit ship The Caleuche and many more the idea of ghosts at sea is a very common theme in both myth and literature.

Charter boats near me for Halloween

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Creating your own ghost ship can, if we are honest, be as simple and easy or as complicated and time consuming as you like. A simple fog machine can be one of the easiest ways to begin creating a spooky on-board ambiance and the right music can make a big impact as well. Guests should, of course, be costumed for the occasion as they please, but as the ‘captain’ of the ghost ship you may want to add a few extra touches of nautical flair to your creepy costume for best effect. And don’t forget, the ghostly craft that met your needs when answering the question ‘where do I find charter boats near me’ needs a flag to sail under, so you can add your own unique design touch there as well.

Need some theme and decor extra inspiration? Head off to YouTube and search up a few clips from some of the great ghost ship movies including vintage and modern classics like Pirates of the Caribbean, Deathship, Cruise Into Terror and maybe even Titanic.

Feeding Your Creepy Crew

No party, at any time of year, is ever complete without plenty of great food and drink being on hand. Halloween is, perhaps, the best occasion for even the least experienced of cooks to get creative, but bearing in mind that you are headed out to sea, keeping things simple but spooky is probably the best idea.

If you want to cater the party yourself, here are just a few examples of Halloween themed recipes that are easy but effective in terms of looks and taste great too.

Limitless Adventure With Boat Rental Chicago

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Chicago might not be the first locale that comes to mind when you think of boating, but Chi-Town boasts a plethora of great boating spots, much more than you’d ever expect. This metropolitan, lakeside city is not only home to fabulous waterside bars, restaurants, and lively activities available night and day, plenty of it is accessible by water. Consider a boat rental Chicago if or even if not you’ve had your inland fill and you’ll soon realize the options available waterside happen to surpass everything else by far.

Thinking Seasonally

Chicago can get seriously cold in the fall and winter months and anyone who has witnessed the region during this time can more than attest. Because of the bitter cold, darker months, residents agree May through October are the prime boating months, making these months a great place for boating, whether a quick spring getaway or a relaxing summer vacay.

The Great Lake Michigan

Just one of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan mimics a freshwater ocean to an intensely precise degree, especially considering its size, a massive 22,300 square miles of open water, much of it readily sailable. It’s a windy lake by trade and this grants any perspective water lover to great parasailing and sail boating.

However, during the summer months, Lake Michigan is calm and more than forgiving, giving boaters a plethora of options to hit the water how they see fit. With a boat rental Chicago, you can spend the day sunbathing on some of Chicago’s best beaches, hit one of the many esteemed coastal restaurants for dinner, admire the awe-inspiring sunset come evening, then proceed to gaze upon the fireworks at the Navy Pier, all from your own boat, all in just a single day.


Chicago boat rental

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Chicago River

Connecting Lake Michigan to the heart of the city, consider boating down this popular and unique water-laced destination. While you traverse your way underneath its many movable bridges that mark each city block, you’ll get to witness the city from straight inside the soul of it.

The Chicago river is lined with high-class bars, world-class restaurants, and copious green gardens such as River Park, which is the host to great fishing, canoeing, and even a rich wildlife quarter. Already underway is the creation of 29 acres of savanna habitat and a restoration of 14 acres of the Ronan, River, and Legion Parks, which strand the river on Chicago’s Northside.

Fancy a more urban approach? Dock your boat downtown and explore the Chicago River City Walk, a pedestrian waterfront and amenity-laced walkway that lines this infamous river. Again, the variety of appealing activities available by water is just one of the many enticing reasons to travel this great city by watercraft.


Chain of Lakes

With 45 miles of waterfront and 15 lakes encompassing 7,000 acres of sailable terrain, the Chain of Lakes, just 60 miles northwest of the city, is one of the most popular boating destinations in the country. Its lakes’ waters are calm and plentiful, with locals choosing this region as their prime fishing spot since the 1880s.

Filled with resorts and campgrounds, it’s a great place to plan a fun-filled family adventure or a romantic escape. No watercraft is too big or small at the Chain of Lakes. You’ll find mellow kayakers, darting jet skiers, sturdy sailboats, playful cruisers, and impressive yachts. It’s an extremely large and versatile water playground for any age or any interest.

Come to The “Playpen”

Located right off of Oak Street Beach lies a body of water housing Chicago’s infamous coastal party scene. Come during August and experience this no-wake zone’s penchant for loud, bumping music, flowing drinks, and “skin-ful” surroundings. For a fraction of the price of a crowded booze cruise, you can rent your own yacht and party on your own accord.

All-day parties are the norm here, only 1-nautical mile off the coast of the city. Pimp out your yacht like Jay-Z and bust out the bubbly or simply keep it low-key, if that’s the vibe the day is calling for. Keep it going until the evening when you can enjoy the dazzling skyline against the knockout of a sunset the city has to offer.

Weekend Adventure

Feeling adventurous? Ship out of Chi-Town and head over east to the Indiana Dunes State Park. Resident boaters nickname it a “boat-in beach,” due to its easy accessibility from the water. Spend the night or weekend at the park, where there are campgrounds, hotels, and charming bed and breakfasts that all make for an enjoyable retreat.

Fishing Boat Rental Chicago

Thinking of fishing on Lake Michigan? You’re not alone. Hundreds of species of fish live underneath Lake Michigan’s surface, but many more enjoy angling on the coast of the windy city, catching everything from trout, salmon, and bass, some of them trophy-sized. If you’re ready to hook the catch of the day, all you need is a boat rental Chicago.


Top 5 Things To Do With Your Boat Rental Fort Lauderdale

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Extremely close to Miami, Palm Peach, and only a day trip away from the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale is a very enticing and versatile boating destination. Here are the Top 5 Things you can do with your boat rental Fort Lauderdale.

With over 165 miles of navigable inland waterways and commonly known as the yachting capital of the world, the greater Fort Lauderdale area is a boater’s heaven — no wonder it’s referred to as the “Venice of America.

The Intracoastal Waterway

Although it runs all the way from Boston to the southern tip of Florida, it also happens to run straight through the heart of the wonderfully scenic Fort Lauderdale. Boat on the Intercostal Walkway and witness “Millionaire’s Row,” a neighborhood filled with multi-million dollar homes and yachts, as well as gorgeous views all along the way down the water.

Boat rental Fort Lauderdale

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Hit up Las Olas Boulevard for some of the best dining and shopping in the city. From premier, luxury brand clothing shops and charming art galleries to impressive restaurants and vibrant nightlife, Las Olas Boulevard is a great choice as either a daytime or nighttime destination. Both the morning bird as well as the night owl will love stopping at Las Olas —it’s got a little bit of everything for everyone.

Boat rental Fort Lauderdale

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For long-day or multi-day expeditions, the Intracoastal Waterway can also attend to your more adventurous desires. Because of its vast length, it’s only up to you how much you want to see and do. Perhaps boat up to Palm Beach or down to Miami and spend the night. Get an exciting mix of multiple southeast Florida cities that don’t take long at all to travel to by water.

Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

Formerly known as John U. Lloyd Beach State Park, Dr. Von D. Mizeli-Eula Johnson State Park, just southeast of Fort Lauderdale, hosts two boat ramps with easy access to the ocean via the Port Everglades inlet as well as a multitude of relaxing activities including picnicking, hiking, and bird watching.

Boat rental Fort Lauderdale

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The park stretches a huge 310 acres, all between the Atlantic Ocean and the ICW, the park stretching from the Port Everglades Inlet up north to the Dania Beach Marina to the south. Consider fishing off the coast or parking your boat and going overboard to snorkel, scuba, canoe or kayak. There’s even a 45-minute self-guided nature walk through a subtropical coastal hammock.

Waterway Bar and Restaurant Crawl

The main waterways running through Fort Lauderdale can easily be lined with bars and restaurants depending on your location. Consider a bar and restaurant crawl starting from downtown and then heading up the Intracoastal Walkway, docking whenever you get a little bit of a hankering for some fine food and savory drinks. There are many bars and restaurants that are accessible by boat — much more than you’d think.

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Restaurants like 15th Street Fisheries, a Fort Lauderdale culinary landmark, Waterfront Grill, with sexy views and an intoxicating outdoor vibe, or Chima Steakhouse, if all-you-can-eat Brazilian cuisine strikes your fancy. Head up to one of the sexy rooftop bars at the coast hotels or stop and try some intoxicating Kava at Kavasutra Kava Bar.

Take It Along the Coast

Witness views of the gorgeous coastline, perhaps stopping at the Fort Lauderdale State park and taking a tour of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. Admire the coastal resorts and beaches as you head south towards Hollywood and dock at Miami Beach. Catch some nightlife and possibly spend the night at a chic hotel along the water.

Boat rental Fort Lauderdale

Consider renting a Catamaran for your Fort Lauderdale expedition. Catamarans have tons of deck space, perfect for bringing along a bunch of friends to city-hop along the coast. Compared to a sailboat, a Catamaran is much steadier of a ride, having two hulls on each side inside of a single hull right down the middle. It means less Merlot in your lap and more in a glass in your hand.

New River Waterway and Riverwalk

Connected to the Intracoastal Waterway, New River runs through downtown Fort Lauderdale next to the Riverwalk and other dockside shops, restaurants and bars. Dock your boat and walk to the museum, then, as the sun slowly sets, find a cozy restaurant to settle up to for the early evening. At night, you might find live bands performing at one of the public festivals right on the water. You’ll also witness gorgeous scenery and homes and possibly a Sunday brunch that includes a live Jazz band.

Boat rental Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has a ton to see and do and it’s only more enjoyable when you get the chance to experience it all by watercraft. From the multitude of inlets to the expansive coastline to many beachside parks, Fort Lauderdale is rife with whichever activities you’d like to experience first and foremost.

Find your perfect boat rental Fort Lauderdale at and experience Fort Lauderdale directly from the same water it’s so well known for. From yachts to catamarans to jet skis to small power boats, has you covered for an affordable boat rental in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.