Limitless Adventure With Boat Rental Chicago

Chicago might not be the first locale that comes to mind when you think of boating, but Chi-Town boasts a plethora of great boating spots, much more than you’d ever expect. This metropolitan, lakeside city is not only home to fabulous waterside bars, restaurants, and lively activities available night and day, plenty of it is accessible by water. Consider a boat rental Chicago if or even if not you’ve had your inland fill and you’ll soon realize the options available waterside happen to surpass everything else by far.

Thinking Seasonally

Chicago can get seriously cold in the fall and winter months and anyone who has witnessed the region during this time can more than attest. Because of the bitter cold, darker months, residents agree May through October are the prime boating months, making these months a great place for boating, whether a quick spring getaway or a relaxing summer vacay.

The Great Lake Michigan

Just one of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan mimics a freshwater ocean to an intensely precise degree, especially considering its size, a massive 22,300 square miles of open water, much of it readily sailable. It’s a windy lake by trade and this grants any perspective water lover to great parasailing and sail boating.

However, during the summer months, Lake Michigan is calm and more than forgiving, giving boaters a plethora of options to hit the water how they see fit. With a boat rental Chicago, you can spend the day sunbathing on some of Chicago’s best beaches, hit one of the many esteemed coastal restaurants for dinner, admire the awe-inspiring sunset come evening, then proceed to gaze upon the fireworks at the Navy Pier, all from your own boat, all in just a single day.


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Chicago River

Connecting Lake Michigan to the heart of the city, consider boating down this popular and unique water-laced destination. While you traverse your way underneath its many movable bridges that mark each city block, you’ll get to witness the city from straight inside the soul of it.

The Chicago river is lined with high-class bars, world-class restaurants, and copious green gardens such as River Park, which is the host to great fishing, canoeing, and even a rich wildlife quarter. Already underway is the creation of 29 acres of savanna habitat and a restoration of 14 acres of the Ronan, River, and Legion Parks, which strand the river on Chicago’s Northside.

Fancy a more urban approach? Dock your boat downtown and explore the Chicago River City Walk, a pedestrian waterfront and amenity-laced walkway that lines this infamous river. Again, the variety of appealing activities available by water is just one of the many enticing reasons to travel this great city by watercraft.


Chain of Lakes

With 45 miles of waterfront and 15 lakes encompassing 7,000 acres of sailable terrain, the Chain of Lakes, just 60 miles northwest of the city, is one of the most popular boating destinations in the country. Its lakes’ waters are calm and plentiful, with locals choosing this region as their prime fishing spot since the 1880s.

Filled with resorts and campgrounds, it’s a great place to plan a fun-filled family adventure or a romantic escape. No watercraft is too big or small at the Chain of Lakes. You’ll find mellow kayakers, darting jet skiers, sturdy sailboats, playful cruisers, and impressive yachts. It’s an extremely large and versatile water playground for any age or any interest.

Come to The “Playpen”

Located right off of Oak Street Beach lies a body of water housing Chicago’s infamous coastal party scene. Come during August and experience this no-wake zone’s penchant for loud, bumping music, flowing drinks, and “skin-ful” surroundings. For a fraction of the price of a crowded booze cruise, you can rent your own yacht and party on your own accord.

All-day parties are the norm here, only 1-nautical mile off the coast of the city. Pimp out your yacht like Jay-Z and bust out the bubbly or simply keep it low-key, if that’s the vibe the day is calling for. Keep it going until the evening when you can enjoy the dazzling skyline against the knockout of a sunset the city has to offer.

Weekend Adventure

Feeling adventurous? Ship out of Chi-Town and head over east to the Indiana Dunes State Park. Resident boaters nickname it a “boat-in beach,” due to its easy accessibility from the water. Spend the night or weekend at the park, where there are campgrounds, hotels, and charming bed and breakfasts that all make for an enjoyable retreat.

Fishing Boat Rental Chicago

Thinking of fishing on Lake Michigan? You’re not alone. Hundreds of species of fish live underneath Lake Michigan’s surface, but many more enjoy angling on the coast of the windy city, catching everything from trout, salmon, and bass, some of them trophy-sized. If you’re ready to hook the catch of the day, all you need is a boat rental Chicago.


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