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We know the struggle

Winter in the Northeast and the other colder parts of the US is OK. There are, in fact, lots of good things about it. Brisk walks under chilly, but bright skies. Hot chocolate in front of big roaring fireplaces. Hearty stews and warming soups and the simple joy of a snowball fight.

There are however, plenty of downsides too. Cars that won’t start because they’re too cold. Slushy snow and ice that makes it hard to walk, let alone drive. Snow shoveling. A house full of cabin crazy folks who want to go outside but don’t because, well, they don’t want to freeze to death, so they all stay in and fight and argue instead.  Yes, winter can be OK, but most people do wish that they could go back to the beach, if only for a day.

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It’s for these reasons and more that Florida winter vacations are so very popular, especially with the Northern folks. Here in Florida, Santa makes his rounds in his board shorts and if you want to eat Christmas lunch on the beachfront while topping up your tan you can.

There’s a way out!

Many of those who head south for a winter vacation in Miami choose to stay at one of the city’s admittedly fine hotels. And that’s great, but there is an alternative, or perhaps an extra to consider, when planning a Miami winter vacation.

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Taking advantage of the fact that a Miami yacht charter is easily and readily available – and often at a price that is far less extravagant than you might have imagined – allows you to take your Miami winter adventuring to a whole new level, as it opens up so many more opportunities. Like what, we hear you ask. How about any one – or all – of these, just for starters.

A Day Trip to Bimini with Miami Yacht Charter 

Located just 50 miles east of Miami by sea, the three islands that make up the District of Bimini – North Bimini, South Bimini, and East Bimini – offer the kinds of simple summer pleasures that any still thawing out vacationer will enjoy immensely. Stunning sandy beaches, world class fishing – Bimini is not known as the Fishing Capital of the Bahamas for nothing – amazing yet affordable dining and that is just the beginning. It’s a history buff’s paradise too and legend says that it is in Bimini that Juan Ponce de León found his Fountain of Youth, and so if you want to spend an afternoon looking for it, why not?

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A Cruise Around the Keys

The Florida Keys are unique in so many ways and there really isn’t a single one of them that should be skipped over if you can help it. Florida Keys boat rental affords you the chance to cruise the Keys in style, skipping the crowded public ferries and boat tours in favor of an experience that is far more sophisticated and satisfying.

From enjoying some REAL Key Lime Pie to meeting Ernest Hemingway’s famous six-toed cats to exploring some of the most beautiful waterways and beaches in the world the Florida Keys really do offer something for everyone and it’s all better when experienced with a private, luxury yacht at your disposal.

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Stage Your Own Mini Bahamas Cruise

Ever wanted to go on a cruise around the Bahamas, but aren’t too keen on the idea of a standard cruise ship? The crowds, enforced itineraries and endless generic buffets aren’t for everyone, especially if all you really want is to experience the Bahamas while also getting away from it all, including overly energetic kids and slightly dodgy cabaret acts.

Yacht charter in Miami

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A Miami yacht charter offers you the opportunity to stage your own, perfect for you, cruise around the Bahamas. You don’t actually have to do the hard work of sailing (unless you want to) as you can hire an experienced captain to do ‘the driving’ for you. By the same token although almost every yacht charter in Miami does come equipped with a great galley you don’t have to use it, you can bring along a great chef to do the cooking while you just enjoy the fruits of their labor in style.

Just try it, trust us!

Miami luxury yacht charter

88′ Lazzara Yacht. Click to book.

Whatever you can think of, there is probably a Miami yacht charter option available to meet your needs and provide you with the winter vacation of your dreams. Just take a look at BOAT.ME has to offer! From sporty catamarans to luxury yachts that even the swankiest celebrities would approve of there’s something to suit any taste and almost any budget. So why not consider skipping the ice and snow this winter and enjoying some Florida sun instead? Even if you only stay for a few days it will make all those cold winter months to come so much more bearable, we promise!

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