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Bar hopping is a time-honored tradition for many, and certainly on the top of the agenda for many when they visit the party-friendly city of Miami and the surrounding area. With hundreds to choose from the scope for a truly great bar hopping session is huge and there really is something to suit every taste. Miami boat rentals can help take your partying to the next level though, adding an exciting new dimension to the fun.

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The Basics of Barhopping

When stopping at multiple bars in one evening – or for the very hardy, one day – there are certain basic rules that need to be followed. Don’t drink too much at once (t’s hard to say you went barhopping if you do so many shots that you pass out at the second bar) always eat while you drink (not hard as most bars also serve excellent eats) And, most important of all, never, ever drink and drive.

So, unless you have a very patient – and very kind – designated driver in your group barhopping in your own car is a no-no. You could try catching an Uber to ferry you between drinking establishments, but that can get very expensive very quickly, especially at peak times when surge pricing goes into effect.

You could try walking from bar to bar, but 1) that seriously limits the scope of your trip and 2) at some point walking may turn into wobbling and that won’t be a whole lot of fun. A better idea? Rent a pontoon boat and get your party on both on and off the waters of Miami.

Parties + Pontoon Boating = Perfect Match

If you have never sailed in one you may not quite know just what a Miami pontoon boat rental has to offer. For a start, these kinds of elegant watercraft are quite literally designed for partying.

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In very basic terms a pontoon boat is one that boasts a large flat deck mounted on metal tubes known as pontoons (thus the name) These offer a lot of extra buoyancy that allows boat designers to create some amazing deck plans featuring all kinds of cool things like large lounge areas, bars and sunbathing stations. As we mentioned, truly built for fun and certainly suited to a great party, day or night.

Renting one of these babies with Miami boat rentals from will allow you to party all day and night. Start the day with a welcome drink – maybe a light and fruity Bucks Fizz or a spicy Bloody Mary – then mix, mingle, dance, laugh, nap, sunbathe – whatever you want – then as dusk falls enjoy a cruise around Miami best sights before hitting up its best waterside bars. Sounds like a great time, right? Believe us, it is!

The Best Bars in Miami for Boaters

So, you have your great day on the boat planned – and your best swimwear packed – now you must choose which of the many great bars that line Miami’s lively waterfront you are going to have your captain moor up alongside so that you can really get the night into gear.

While there are, a we mentioned, lots to choose from that cover all kinds of vibes, themes and food and beverage options here’s a look at some of our personal favorites to get you started.

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A sports bar in Miami is like no other sports bar in other cities, as Duffy’s proves. Sure, the folks there like the Dolphins, they love the Heat and they are all hoping Derek Jeter can work miracles with the Marlins, but the action at Duffy’s is about a lot more than first downs, three-point plays and home runs.

Warm, lively and friendly this bar boasts the obligatory big screen TVs for those who do want to watch the games and root for the home teams, but there is also a sprawling waterfront pool deck, a great DJ and two-for-one drink specials all night long.

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Shuckers Waterfront Grill

Yes, this is a restaurant – and a truly iconic one at that, as they have been serving up the finest in fresh caught Miami seafood for years – but no one minds if you just want to hit the bar and enjoy a few items from their extensive drinks menu. The view from the waterfront patio deck is amazing, the vibe is cool, laid back and in no way pretentious (not every bar in Miami can claim that) and for those watching their wallets as they barhop $13 Presidente pitchers are hard to beat.

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MO Bar + Lounge

Located inside the swanky Mandarin Oriental Miami hotel this is the bar to hit if you grew up watching Miami Vice and wishing you were Crockett, Tubbs or one of the many hot ladies they tended to hang with. It’s hip, it’s trendy and the views of downtown Miami across the waterfront are stunning.

Add to that the fact that the clever cocktails are perfectly crafted – and the bartenders are actually super friendly and helpful – and you have a great spot for those who really want to drink in (figuratively and literally) some real Miami glamor without actually going completely broke.

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Kiki on the River

Kiki on the River is another of the Miami River’s best-known restaurants, but it too has a kicking bar that serves up some of the best beer, wine cocktails – and as this a Greek joint ouzo –  you’ll find anywhere. The boho chic vibe is relaxing and welcoming, the waterfront views are stunning and as a place to end your Miami boat rentals barhop before cruising on home, it’s the perfect choice.

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