How much is a private yacht charter?

If you are looking to book a private yacht charter if you haven’t so before it can be a little daunting. Often a search will bring up options that look similar but seem to be priced very differently. If you are not too familiar with yacht charters it can be hard to understand why.

There are, however, lots of factors that go into determining the price of a private yacht charter. Even a base price (the basic hourly/daily rate) can even differ for a number of reasons.

Private yacht charter rates

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Private yacht charter rates

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Factors that affect the base price of a private yacht charter include:

The yacht charter ratesĀ 

When renting a private yacht charter size is not the only factor that will affect the base charter rate. If a boat is from a certain manufacturer, or is very new, it may command a higher rate than other craft that look the same to ‘the naked eye’.

The seasonal rates

If you are heading to Miami the weather is usually pretty good, but we do have a ‘high season’ and a ‘low season’ just like any other major tourist destination, so the timing of your planned yacht charter can have a significant effect on the price you’ll pay.

Extra expenses

Short-term private yacht charters usually include the fuel expenses into the charter rates. And will offer you catering services or allow ordering catering delivery from a restaurant. Long-term charters include these expenses into the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) deposit. The APA deposit is usually about 45% of the charter cost, it is paid upfront and at the end of the trip the unused funds are reimbursed.

Use of water toys like jet skis and inflatables

Private yacht charters ofter offer a jet ski or tubes complementary with a charter, but it’s always a good idea to double check what’s included into the rates.

Staff gratuities

The standard gratuity for the boating industry is 15%. With private yacht charters the gratuity is expected after the trip and is usually discussed and agreed on upfront.

Additional services like DJ service, professional photography

These services are not considered to be standard add ons for a charter, so it is very important to discuss the format of the party or trip you are planningĀ  and all the extra stuff and equipment you would like to bring.

If you do find yourself getting a little overwhelmed by all the choices available when booking a yacht charter if you book with that’s not a problem. Our expert, friendly staff are just a call or email away and will be happy to help you plan the very best private yacht charter to meet your unique needs.

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