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What Do I Need to Rent a Boat in Miami?

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 Rent a boat at BOAT.ME 

You probably know what you’ll need to rent a car if you are headed to Miami, but the chances are that you might not be as sure of what you’ll need if you want to rent a boat. As boating is one of the things that Miami is famous for worldwide it’s certainly something a lot of people do, and the good news is that the requirements to rent a boat in Miami are not as difficult to meet as you might think. Here’s a look at some of the basics:

  1. To rent a boat in Miami You must be at least 18 years old.  So you will need ID to prove that you are. That is a legal requirement, the owners of some charter boats may impose a higher age limit to rent their boat, that’s their personal decision.
  2. If you are under 22 years old, you’ll need to pass the Florida Boater’s Education exam. This is a low-cost class (usually around $25) and can be completed online. It’s actually a good idea for anyone, no matter how old to take it if they are renting a boat for the first time as it offers some invaluable information.
  3. You’ll need government issued ID (driver’s license, no driver ID, passport etc.)
  4. A major credit card. No matter whether you rent your boat online or offline almost every owner makes a credit card a requirement. The investment they make in their boats is a significant one and they prefer a little extra security when renting it out.
  5. An open mind. Boating in Miami means many different things to different people. It offers the chance to sightsee, party, fish, enjoy watersports and much more. Come down with an open mind and you’ll quickly find a boating trip in Miami can be almost anything you want it to be.
Rent a boat at BOAT.ME.

Rent a boat at BOAT.ME. Click to book

Skip the Winter with a Miami Yacht Charter

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Best Miami Yacht Charter Deals Right Now!

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We know the struggle

Winter in the Northeast and the other colder parts of the US is OK. There are, in fact, lots of good things about it. Brisk walks under chilly, but bright skies. Hot chocolate in front of big roaring fireplaces. Hearty stews and warming soups and the simple joy of a snowball fight.

There are however, plenty of downsides too. Cars that won’t start because they’re too cold. Slushy snow and ice that makes it hard to walk, let alone drive. Snow shoveling. A house full of cabin crazy folks who want to go outside but don’t because, well, they don’t want to freeze to death, so they all stay in and fight and argue instead.  Yes, winter can be OK, but most people do wish that they could go back to the beach, if only for a day.

Yacht Charters in Miami

Miami yacht charters. Click to book.

It’s for these reasons and more that Florida winter vacations are so very popular, especially with the Northern folks. Here in Florida, Santa makes his rounds in his board shorts and if you want to eat Christmas lunch on the beachfront while topping up your tan you can.

There’s a way out!

Many of those who head south for a winter vacation in Miami choose to stay at one of the city’s admittedly fine hotels. And that’s great, but there is an alternative, or perhaps an extra to consider, when planning a Miami winter vacation.

41 Sea Ray Miami Yacht charter

41′ Sea Ray Yacht. Click to book.

Taking advantage of the fact that a Miami yacht charter is easily and readily available – and often at a price that is far less extravagant than you might have imagined – allows you to take your Miami winter adventuring to a whole new level, as it opens up so many more opportunities. Like what, we hear you ask. How about any one – or all – of these, just for starters.

A Day Trip to Bimini with Miami Yacht Charter 

Located just 50 miles east of Miami by sea, the three islands that make up the District of Bimini – North Bimini, South Bimini, and East Bimini – offer the kinds of simple summer pleasures that any still thawing out vacationer will enjoy immensely. Stunning sandy beaches, world class fishing – Bimini is not known as the Fishing Capital of the Bahamas for nothing – amazing yet affordable dining and that is just the beginning. It’s a history buff’s paradise too and legend says that it is in Bimini that Juan Ponce de León found his Fountain of Youth, and so if you want to spend an afternoon looking for it, why not?

Yacht charter to Bimini at

86′ Azimut Yacht. Click to book.

A Cruise Around the Keys

The Florida Keys are unique in so many ways and there really isn’t a single one of them that should be skipped over if you can help it. Florida Keys boat rental affords you the chance to cruise the Keys in style, skipping the crowded public ferries and boat tours in favor of an experience that is far more sophisticated and satisfying.

From enjoying some REAL Key Lime Pie to meeting Ernest Hemingway’s famous six-toed cats to exploring some of the most beautiful waterways and beaches in the world the Florida Keys really do offer something for everyone and it’s all better when experienced with a private, luxury yacht at your disposal.

Key West yacht charters at

Key West Charters. Click to book.

Stage Your Own Mini Bahamas Cruise

Ever wanted to go on a cruise around the Bahamas, but aren’t too keen on the idea of a standard cruise ship? The crowds, enforced itineraries and endless generic buffets aren’t for everyone, especially if all you really want is to experience the Bahamas while also getting away from it all, including overly energetic kids and slightly dodgy cabaret acts.

Yacht charter in Miami

44′ Azimut Yacht Charter. Click to book.

A Miami yacht charter offers you the opportunity to stage your own, perfect for you, cruise around the Bahamas. You don’t actually have to do the hard work of sailing (unless you want to) as you can hire an experienced captain to do ‘the driving’ for you. By the same token although almost every yacht charter in Miami does come equipped with a great galley you don’t have to use it, you can bring along a great chef to do the cooking while you just enjoy the fruits of their labor in style.

Just try it, trust us!

Miami luxury yacht charter

88′ Lazzara Yacht. Click to book.

Whatever you can think of, there is probably a Miami yacht charter option available to meet your needs and provide you with the winter vacation of your dreams. Just take a look at BOAT.ME has to offer! From sporty catamarans to luxury yachts that even the swankiest celebrities would approve of there’s something to suit any taste and almost any budget. So why not consider skipping the ice and snow this winter and enjoying some Florida sun instead? Even if you only stay for a few days it will make all those cold winter months to come so much more bearable, we promise!

Dream Yachts and Luxury Yacht Rental 

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The Most Outstanding Yachts Ever Built

Megayachts, superyachts, luxury yachts. You’ve seen them in hip-hop videos and documentaries about the rich and famous. These elite vessels are the cream of the crop when it comes to boating luxury. You already know they are quite expensive and even a few of them run into the billions of dollars to buy outright. A yacht rental is the best decision to enjoy all the fabulous offerings of a megayacht without having to spend a steep seven figures or more.

Take a look at the luxury yacht charters BOAT.ME has to offer and get inspired by the most beautiful yachts ever created in this atricle!

84 Lazzara Yacht Rental at

Luxury Yacht Rentals at Click to book.

Philip Starck’s Sailing Yacht A

The Sailing Yacht A, designed by legendary artist Philip Starck, is a $450-million-dollar luxury vessel built for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. The 400-foot yacht is one of Starck’s most famous, keeping company with The Venus, a minimalist megayacht he designed specifically for Steve Jobs.

The Motor Yacht A has eight decks that include three swimming pools, a disco, and a helipad for that quick afternoon trip out to sea. 2,500 square feet of master bedroom await a peaceful slumber after a night of dancing. Mirrored surfaces line the boat’s interior while much of the furniture and adornments are made of French crystal.

Get your luxury yacht rental at BOAT.ME

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Zaha Hadid’s Unique Circle Yacht Family

Teaming up with Blohm+Voss, a German shipbuilding firm, Hadid designed a futuristic superyacht prototype, one to eventually guide the creation of several other yachts based on his design. The JAZZ yacht is the first of such maritime offspring. Hadid wanted to design a yacht endowed with a natural, organic appearance that meshes with the ocean as well as maintaining a functionality that was integrated seamlessly with the design. Just imagine booking a yacht charter like this.

luxury yacht rentals at

Photo credit:

The Hedonists

Art of Kinetik’s Hedonist yacht line contains vessels with sleek and streamlined designs and a master perfectionist leading the composition and arrangement behind the scenes. This perfectionist is Boris Ivanovic and his yachts have been called floating pieces of art by those in and out of the boating world.

The Hedonist open-top and hard-top models carry some of the cleanest and slickest aesthetics in the yachting world. A solid mahogany hull and Rolls Royce water jets give a smooth and quiet ride even at 40 knots. The pilot’s chair that’s been called an ergonomic masterpiece took nine months to design and engineer.

Luxury Yacht Rental at

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The Dubai

Originally commissioned by the Prince of Brunei 20 years ago, it was the leader of Dubai who acquired this epic megayacht and decided to design himself its illustrious interior. A spiral staircase built with glass steps changes colors as the light from the top deck weaves in and out of the vessel. Multiple Jacuzzis and a massive hand-tiled swimming pool are just some of the luxuries aboard the Dubai. Previously the largest yacht in the world, it had to step down as number one when the massive Azzam megayacht was built.

Luxury yacht rental at

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The History Supreme

With a $4.5 billion-dollar price tag, the History Supreme is the most expensive yacht in the world. Stuart Hughes, a luxury designer from the UK that has an infamous past working with jewelry, spent more than three years completing the gold-plated luxury vessel, and it was quickly purchased by an anonymous Malaysian businessman.

The History Supreme contains a statue built from Tyrannosaurus Rex bones, a 24-carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium lining the master bedroom, and walls made of meteoric stone. Topped off with an 18.5-carat diamond plated bottle of premium-quality liquor, this yacht is nothing less than pure extravagance.

Luxury yacht rentals at

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Subtler Alternatives

The enjoyment of experiencing luxury yachts is something that shouldn’t be missed, and with a luxury yacht charter, you get 100% of the experience at a fraction of the cost of actually buying or leasing one. Of course, you don’t have to spend a few hours or a weekend on a flashy, extravagant yacht if that’s not quite your style.

Yacht manufacturers like VanDutch could be more up your alley, keeping up with superb quality but focusing more on functionality and simplicity. With all the essentials met, VanDutch yachts still seamlessly implement cutting-edge technology, creating a perfect blend of comfort and accessibility.

Van Dutch Yacht Rental in Miami

Van Dutch Yacht Rental in Miami. Click to book

Sunseeker’s line of yachts spans a large range of speedy vessels, from 155-feet behemoths to the San Remo, a 50-foot sporty watercraft that incorporates contemporary stylings with classic roots. Their line of Predator yachts range various lengths and combine speed with entertainment containing hard-top roofs that are fully retractable and even a BBQ setup right on board.

74 Sunseeker Predator Yacht Rental + Jet Ski at

74 Sunseeker Predator. Click to book.

Yacht Rental Miami

The many tiers of options available regarding luxury, functionality, and affordability make a yacht rental one with limitless possibilities and also one of the most exciting boat rentals. Some have movie theaters, bowling alleys, and Michelin star chefs, while others are built more for a relaxing getaway. The great aspect of a yacht rental is your whole buffet of boating options available to you at whatever price point you’d like

86 Azimut Yacht Rental in Miami

86 Azimut Yacht Rental. Click to book.

Miami, particularly, has a large yacht culture, especially with luxury yachts, and finding an exciting yacht charter for you, your friends, and your family is not a difficult one to come by. Whether it’s only for a few hours in the afternoon or a full weekend getaway, a yacht rental Miami could be just the escape you’ve been looking for.

Five Big Miami Boat Rentals Myths Debunked

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You don’t have to be in Miami for too long to begin to understand the huge role the water plays in the day to day ‘life’ of the city and the surrounding area. Where there is open water there are always going to be boats and so Miami boat rentals are often at – or near – the top of a visitor’s to do list when they visit our unique and truly vibrant city.

There are, however, several persistent myths that keep others from truly enjoying all that the water around Miami have to offer. In the interest of trying to help ensure that anyone has the best possible experience when visiting – or even living in- the Magic City, we thought we’d take the time to look at some of the most common Miami boat rental myths and offer a little information about the realities behind them.

Myth #1: Miami Boat Rentals are Too Expensive

This is a biggie. There are those who do not ever even inquire about renting a boat – although they’d love to – because they have heard that doing so is hugely expensive and not something the ‘average’ person can afford to do.

That however, could not be further from the truth. Ask yourself for a second, how much would you expect to spend on a great meal while on vacation? Around $40 per person sounds pretty reasonable, right? Well, that’s about what it will cost to rent a boat with too. The rates are a little higher for the flashier options – but not anywhere near as high as you might imagine – and a day out on the water anywhere around Miami offers so much more than even a really great meal.

Miami Boat rentals

Myth #2: You Must Follow a Preplanned Route

There are, quite literally – hundreds of miles of waterway around Miami and there is something to suit every taste and we agree, it would suck if you were limited in where you could head by someone else’s idea of a great itinerary. When you rent with you can pick and choose where you go and what you do. You can hire a captain to help guide and advise you, but they’ll never force you to go anywhere, it’s your trip, you get to decide.

miami boat rentals

Myth #3: You Have to Book a Miami Boat Rentals Months in Advance

Booking months in advance is perhaps advisable, especially if you are the kind of person who always likes to have a good plan, but it is not a must, at least if you work with Thanks to our extensive number of different Miami boat rental options there are almost always some fabulous last-minute deals available, even if your vacation has already begun and it’s only know you have realized how great it might be to explore our fair city by sea as well as by land.


Myth #4: Boat Parties are a Celebrity Thing

Do celebrities like to party on fancy yachts? You bet they do. Keep an eye out and chances are that you might spot one or two during your own trip to Miami. But you don’t have to be famous – or rich – to enjoy a little partying at sea.

From bachelor and bachelorette parties, engagement parties, and corporate outings to little kids’ birthday parties and graduation celebrations at we’ve seen – and helped arrange – every kind of boat party imaginable. In addition to helping you choose just the right Miami boat rental option we can also help arrange decorations, catering and for all kinds of world-class onboard entertainment and at prices you don’t have to be a megastar to afford (you just might look like one in those great Instagram pictures your friends back home will marvel at though.)

Boat rentals Miami

Photo credit

Myth #5: Renting a Boat is Not a Thing That Locals Do

Living in Miami does often mean that, at some point – buying a boat might be on your agenda, but boats aren’t cheap to buy, so it’s one of those luxury purchases that may be years in the making. But why wait until you can afford your own boat to enjoy some special moments on the water with your family and friends? Or to get out there and finally learn how to fish and take on some great Miami sportfishing? Or just enjoy a bit of a change from lying on the beach watching everyone else’s’ boats go by and wishing it were you?

Miami boat rentals for locals!

Miami boat rentals with is easy, will only cost you about the same as a good night out on the town on land and yet offers so much more. Whether you are just visiting Miami or if it’s the place you call home the sea is calling you for all kinds of reasons and it would be a shame to miss out just because of a few silly myths and misconceptions that we hope now you understand were wrong all along!

Alternative Halloween Ideas: a Ghost Ship Party

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Halloween is fast approaching, and as we all know the spookiest holiday of the year is no longer just for kids, it’s an excuse to throw a petrifying party for all ages.

While the annual block party might be fun – there’s Uncle Mike dressed up as a bat again, what a wag, and Granny’s Graveyard Chili is always good – if you long to do things a little differently this year we have the perfect suggestion – launching your own ghost ship and taking your Halloween celebrations out to sea.

Think that sounds a bit far-fetched? Then think again. All you need is a charter boat, some like-minded party-goers and a little imagination. Here are just a few tips and ideas for putting it all together with ease!

charter boat near me at

Finding Your Ghost Ship

While there are all kinds of charter boats available the best choice for a Halloween bash – and for conversion into a great ghost ship for the evening – is the versatile pontoon. Pontoon boats were almost created to be the perfect party venue. They come in a number of different capacities, offer form, style and great function and, perhaps best of all in the minds of many, are one of the most affordable answers to the question which are the best charter boats near me when planning to throw a party at any time of year.

charter boats near me

Creating Your Ghost Ship

Some of the scariest traditional Halloween tales center around a ghost ship. From the legend of the cursed for eternity Flying Dutchman, and the chilling mystery of the Mary Celeste to the terrifying tale of the shimmering spirit ship The Caleuche and many more the idea of ghosts at sea is a very common theme in both myth and literature.

Charter boats near me for Halloween

photo credit

Creating your own ghost ship can, if we are honest, be as simple and easy or as complicated and time consuming as you like. A simple fog machine can be one of the easiest ways to begin creating a spooky on-board ambiance and the right music can make a big impact as well. Guests should, of course, be costumed for the occasion as they please, but as the ‘captain’ of the ghost ship you may want to add a few extra touches of nautical flair to your creepy costume for best effect. And don’t forget, the ghostly craft that met your needs when answering the question ‘where do I find charter boats near me’ needs a flag to sail under, so you can add your own unique design touch there as well.

Need some theme and decor extra inspiration? Head off to YouTube and search up a few clips from some of the great ghost ship movies including vintage and modern classics like Pirates of the Caribbean, Deathship, Cruise Into Terror and maybe even Titanic.

Feeding Your Creepy Crew

No party, at any time of year, is ever complete without plenty of great food and drink being on hand. Halloween is, perhaps, the best occasion for even the least experienced of cooks to get creative, but bearing in mind that you are headed out to sea, keeping things simple but spooky is probably the best idea.

If you want to cater the party yourself, here are just a few examples of Halloween themed recipes that are easy but effective in terms of looks and taste great too.

Planning a Family Reunion? Take it Out to Sea

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Family reunions. Special, sometimes just once in a lifetime occasions when brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and others all agree to meet up for a big celebration in Miami boat rent is not the first thing that comes to your mind, but this article might make you want to reconsider.

Because family reunions tend to be very special occasions, it’s only normal that whoever is tasked with organizing them wants to host an event that’s fun, suitable for all ages, within their budget and, above all, memorable. Wanting to stage such an event is one thing though, pulling it off is sometimes quite another.

The Nautical Alternative to ‘Dad’s Favorite Restaurant’

Figuring out just where a family reunion is going to be held is one of the very first challenges that any harried soul in charge of putting one together has to overcome. There is Dad’s (or Gran’s or Uncle Fred’s) favorite restaurant, they do catering and have a back room. But then again, it’s a steakhouse and at least two of the probable attendees are vegetarian, one is vegan and one only eats their food raw, so that may not be the best or most popular choice.

Catering halls and hotels are another option, but often a very expensive one, and that’s before the food and beverages, and you know you’ll need plenty of those. One good alternative to these traditional family reunion locations? Miami boat rent. Yes, renting a boat to throw a bash no one will forget, whether they are four, fourteen, forty or older.

The idea of looking for a company offering boat rental in Miami and actually hiring a ‘party’ boat might seem, at first, like a rather decadent one. However, as impressive as it might be to guests – and it almost certainly will be – it’s an easier and more affordable option than you might imagine, often costing only as much as that restaurant bash would have done. And the return on investment in terms of actually achieving all of those lofty aims for creating an unforgettable day? Priceless.

Miami boat rent 35' catamaran at

Planning Your Family Day on the Water

There are still choices to be made when you opt to take your family reunion offshore and rent a boat for your get-together. The first is what kind of boat? A classic pontoon boat best suited to an informal, relaxed soiree? A larger powerboat with a stateroom? An elegant yacht with several staterooms that can accommodate everyone? Or a thrilling catamaran? You’ll find, once you begin looking, that the choice is yours. Most Miami boat rent options are available by the day or by the hour, so you’ll be able to meet your particular needs there too.

Miami boat rent: 38' catamaran

Once the basic boat rental is arranged it’s time to figure out just what you – and your soon to be arriving to party family – are actually going to do with it. Although the options are almost endless, here are just a few ideas to get your imagination fired up:

Beach Hopping

The one thing that Miami has in abundance is a slew of beautiful beaches to enjoy. But why limit yourself to enjoying just one? Why not plan a beach hopping trip, making the most of your day with a boat at your disposal to explore several different cozy coves and sandy beaches. Kids will have tons of fun – is the a child that doesn’t like building sandcastles? – and grown ups can take the time to chat and catch a few rays, preferably with a few cooling beverages on hand.

Miami boat rent beach hopping tour

Get in Some Water Play

Some Miami boat rent available to opt for when planning a family get-together come along with all of their toys, with those toys including things like paddle boards, tubing and floating islands, snorkel gear and more. For the family who likes their free time a little more action packed and active, getting out onto to the water – or even under it – can be a fantastic way to spend the day and do a little family bonding at the same time.

Miami boat rent with tubes

Have a Cookout

Many of the rental boats available come along with their own cooking facilities, whether that means a great grill or a full galley, offering you the opportunity to let the culinarily inclined members of the family show off their skills in style. After all, what would you really rather serve to your guests, and eat yourself; a lukewarm generic restaurant ‘standard’ or lots of cooked to order fresh local produce – and seafood, don’t forget that, we have so much of it in Miami and it’s all so good – that’s tasty and homemade – well boat made at least? We know which one we’d pick!

Miami boat rent BBQ Miami boat rent: 38' catamaran with kitchenGet Ready for Your Closeup

Who doesn’t share all of their photographic memories almost instantly to social media these days? Even grandmas have Facebook pages these days and why not? It’s a great way to keep in touch and share memories. Therefore, it’s a given that everyone attending your family reunion will be snapping lots of pictures with their cellphones. But why not go a little further and arrange for a little professional photography to capture all of the best moments of the day, via drone.

Drone photography is a big ‘thing’ these days, and believe it or not some rental boats actually come equipped with their own. And even if they don’t, hiring one is pretty easy. And if those kind of photos don’t impress all of your Facebook friends and Snapchat buddies we don’t know what will. And they’ll make for some great lasting memories as well.
Miami boat rent with a drone photoshoot

A Final Word About Safety

Some people may balk a little about the idea of partying on a boat for safety reasons, especially if their are kids (or pets, as some boats do allow dogs) involved. The fact is though, as long as you exercise basic common sense boating is very safe.

Everyone should have a lifejacket, everyone should have lots of sunscreen and a change of clothes, children should have at least one adult watching over them at all times – and the same goes for Fido if he’s come aboard – and the designated captain of the boat should never drink. And while we’re on that subject, don’t let a lack of basic boating experience put you off Miami boat rent. Almost every owner renting out their vessel will also offer up the services of an experienced captain to take charge on the day so that everyone on board gets to truly enjoy every minute safely.

Miami boat rent pet friendly at

Yacht Rental Miami: The Ultimate Luxurious Experience

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There are many ways to enjoy a trip to Miami. It is, after all, one of the most diverse and exciting cities not just in the United States but also the world. And no trip to The Magic City would really be complete without making the most of yacht rental Miami to get out and explore the amazing waterways that surround it.

Although there are literally dozens of different kinds of boats you could choose to rent, one really does stand head and shoulders above all of the others when it comes to indulgent pleasure; the luxury yacht. After all, what’s the one thing you can almost guarantee that lots of millionaires – not to mention billionaires – count as a part of their investment portfolio? An amazing yacht of course.

Luxury yacht charter Miami

The Yacht That Tries to Eclipse All Others 

By dictionary definition a yacht is, according to Merriam-Webster ” any of various recreational watercraft: such as a sailboat used for racing or a large usually motor-driven craft used for pleasure cruising” And when it comes to luxury yachts that definition certainly gets much broader.

Take, for instance, a yacht called ‘The Eclipse’. It belongs to Russian billionaire and UK soccer club owner Roman Abramovich. It is believed to be worth, at the moment, somewhere around $1.9 billion but as, according to reports in the British media, being overhauled for the fourth or fifth time, its worth is likely to soar again. The reason for the extensive upgrades is, according to his friends, that Mr. Abramovich wants to continually ensure that his ‘pleasure craft’ is as luxurious as it can get.

Eclipse yacht

To this end, ‘The Eclipse’ boasts around 30 cabins, including 11 huge state rooms, each of those boasting their own cinema screen and Jacuzzi hot tub. There are a half dozen swimming pools, a complete discotheque, two helipads and even exterior fire-pits and decks for entertaining. The yacht boasts the highest levels of security usually available only to heads of state and as there are seven Abramovich children the fact that there is also a purpose built ‘kids wing’ should come as no surprise.

It takes a staff of 92 to keep this luxury yacht running, including several Michelin starred chefs and the 557ft-boat can accommodate 36 people in comfort, making it a luxury yacht to be reckoned with indeed.

Celebrities and Yacht Rental

Although many superstars own their own luxury mega yacht – including the likes of David Geffen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Steven Spielberg to name just a few – there are other celebrities who like to keep their cruising options open by renting a luxury yacht as and when they need one instead. For example, Jay Z, Beyonce and their ever growing brood opt for yacht rental over ownership, something that allows them to cruise waterways all over the world in high style without the hassle of having to actually maintain a boat themselves.

Luxury yachts

photo credit

Luxury Yacht Rental for the Rest of Us

All of this talk of luxury yachts and the high life sounds fantastic, but it’s only for the rich and famous right? Actually, when it comes to yacht rental Miami that’s not the case at all. You see there are lucky yacht owners who, while they love their pleasure craft, are just a little too busy to spend too much time on them, so rather than see their vessels languish in a port or harbor someplace unused choose to rent them out instead at

65' Princess luxury yacht rental Miami

What Luxury Yacht Rental Miami Can Offer

Like Jay Z and Beyonce, by making use of yacht rental Miami you can enjoy all of the joys of luxury yachting without any of the hassles and expenses of actually maintaining a boat  yourself. And boy can you experience some wonderful stuff.

If topping up your tan and soaking up the sun, while taking in the amazing sights and sounds of the Miami area is what you aspire to do most with your time out on the water then luxury yacht rental is ideal.

Luxury yacht rental MIAMI

Many boats are equipped with spacious lounging decks furnished in the most elegant of styles and that offer premium viewing for all of those stunning vistas you’ll be sailing by. You can choose to skip catering for yourself and take a leaf out of Roman Abramovich’s book and hire a world class chef to cater to your every culinary need and if you’d like to party a little you can hire a top DJ as well.

Luxury yacht rental Miami

Yacht rental Miami is also a great choice for the more active traveler as well. No luxury yacht is really complete without a full complement of ‘toys’ – jet skis, water skis, tubes and much more – and those toys are usually made freely available to renters to make use of. Given that the waters around Miami are fantastic for watersports and fishing then this is a really fantastic opportunity as well.

The Princess V70 yacht rental Miami

The simple fact is that luxury yacht rental Miami can be whatever you want it to be, and you don’t have to have Jay Z’s bank account to afford to indulge yourself either, just a connection to all the best yacht renting Miami and luxury yacht charter options via

Yacht Rental Miami for your epic vacation

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Yacht rental Miami at Brings Adventure to Your Vacation!

Yacht rental Miami is a great idea when you have already been to the seaside for a dozen times now, and it seems that nothing can impress you. Instead of just lying at the beach under dazzling sun — pick a yacht at and make this vacation impossible to forget.
Private yacht charter miami

Why Should I Rent a Yacht?

Let’s assume that you have never been on a yacht trip, or, which is even harder to believe in, you were on such a trip and didn’t like it. We would highly recommend you to give it another try, and here are just a few reasons why:

    • It’s an epic experience. Did you know that our brain loves new information? This is probably why we are so addicted to scrolling news feed without even paying much attention to the details of news – our brain needs constant stimulation. But, unlike staying in and automatically refreshing your Facebook page, private yacht charter is a lot more useful and exciting in every way.


    • You can find your passion. It’s hard to say whether you like sailing and yachting, if you have never tried that. This is one of those experiences when you suddenly realize that you’ve found the hobby of your whole life. Can you realize this just by looking at yachts for rent docked at mooring, waiting for you to pick one of them? Of course, not. Give it a try – only then you will know. Who knows, maybe you are one click away from the passion of your life!


  • You will have a ton of fun.

Book yacht charter miami at

How Do I Choose a Yacht?

The yacht you choose should fit your occasion, number of people aboard and the budget of course. It is also a great idea to use yacht rentals as a way to try out various water sports. You can find some great tips on how to pick the right boat here. Boating may not become your permanent hobby, nevertheless, take it from us – you will have a great time regardless of the circumstances, people you invite and type of boat you choose. Maybe, none of your friends agreed to go – then you can rent a smaller boat and spend an incredible day alone with the vast and incredible ocean. Those, who have tried, say this is an ultimate refreshing technique. So, if you are feeling weary, charter a yacht and get ready to leave all your worries on the shore.

How Can I Charter a Yacht?

We hope that now you are enthusiastic about sailing into deep sea or learning how to steer more than you have ever been in your life. But you also have a lot of questions. “What are average yacht rental prices? Where can I find trustworthy yacht charter?” Well, here is good news: now you don’t need to worry about these questions, because you can use Follow these simple steps to find and book a boat for your day-off:

  • Specify departure location, date and type of charter (hourly or daily). For example you are visiting Miami and picked hourly rentals.  You will now see a list of yacht rental Miami and locations within 30 miles have to offer. Then you will be taken to the extended search form. We advise you to plan your epic party or romantic vacation in advance, so you will be able to pick from the best boats available without rush.
  • Fill in the areas that are important to you – the type of boat, preferred price, captain assistance. If you are throwing a party, ask your potential guests to confirm their attendance in advance.It’ll be frustrating to book an 80’ luxury yacht with a professional captain and find out that only five people came.
  • Pick a boat and check extended description and photos available. Book the boat you liked the most and wait for your epic vacation!


What If I Need Advice?

If you still have some questions left, feel free to contact us via live chat at the website or via any other ways of communication you prefer (you can find them at Contacts).  We will gladly help you find the best yachts for rent and deal with any questions that may arise in process. We understand that renting a yacht for the first time, especially if you have no specific knowledge in this area, can appear challenging. We at are always ready to assist you on your way to deep sea and debunk the myth that renting a yacht is difficult.
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Three Water Sports you Can Try with Boat Rentals in Miami

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There are tons of activities you can take part in when you use boat rentals in Miami and sometimes you’ll have an urge to try something a bit more extreme. If you have enough experience in a specific sport then why wouldn’t you want to give it a try while you’re on the water? There’s plenty of space and when you’re hanging out beneath the Miami sun, a little bit of fun is definitely in order. Today we’re going discuss three of the best water sports you can try out when you’re cruising those beautiful Miami waters. Remember, you can try these alone, or you can always hire a guide to help you out.

Water Skiing with Boat Rentals in Miami

Boat Rentals in Miami

Here we have the most common water sport in Miami. There is nothing quite like experiencing the rush of the wind against your face and the friction of the waves beneath your feet as you glide effortlessly across the surface. There are plenty of prime spots for skiing, though before you actually embark on this extreme adventure, do make sure you know the rules and regulations for the area you’re planning to embark into.

Parasailing – The Ultimate Adventure in the Sky

Okay, there are a lot of great ways for you to tour Miami but we just want to say that one of the best ways to get the job done is from above. Parasailing is an amazing pastime in Florida and if you’ve spent any time on the beach then there is a good chance that you’ve seen quite a few parasailers off in the distance. They ride the skies in multi-colored chutes and see sights that few can barely dream of. If you choose to jump into a rental from and ride the skies, you’re going to see some amazing sites. First of all, you get to see the beach from above which is going to be nice overall.

You’ll also be able to see prime fishing locations from the sky, and as you look at the water, you’re going notice things from above that you might have never spotted from ground level. You might see the discoloration in certain areas from algae or seaweed, or you may even spot schools of fish in the calmer waters – you never know just what you’re going to see when you take to the skies, and it can all be accomplished courtesy of your ride from’s astounding Miami boat rental selection.

Surfing the Waves

Boat Rentals in MiamiMost surfing is obviously done from the shore, but if you really want to catch some big waves you can use a boat to ferry you out to the deeper waters. Let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun when you can save your energy by having a boat take you out to sea rather than taking the swim yourself. You’ll be able to surf longer, it will be much more exhilarating, and at the end of the day you can use your boat to go fishing, explore the open water, or just relax – the possibilities are simply endless.

There are lots of other extreme sports you could try, perhaps even using a jet ski if you really want to have some fun, but it all starts with getting the right boat, or even the right charter. specializes in connecting renters with the best possible Miami boat rentals , ensuring that you absolutely have the time of your life while you’re out there exploring the open ocean. Above all, we’re going to make sure that you have a story to tell when you get home. Give us a call today or take a look at the available boats on our website – we’re certain that you will find something you like and be on the water, or in the air before you know it.


Miami Boat Rental – Deep V Hulls vs. Flat Bottoms

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When you are thinking about renting a boat there are many aspects you consider – passenger space, cabin size, how nice the fly deck looks, but one thing you probably never think about is the hull. What’ the range of the boat? Your boat rental Miami will depend upon the type of hull, and today we’re going to discuss the two different types: Flat Bottom and Deep V.

Flat Bottom Miami Boat Rental

The flat bottom boat is actually a pretty interesting concept. The flat bottom boat moves with the ocean, and as you get further out into the water you will start to experience waves. Because the boat moves with the ocean, it’s going to move in the EXACT same way, so if a wave crashes, the boat will crash with it. There may be instances where you can get over the wave, but in most cases physics is going to in out. That being said, flat bottom boats are usually used for fishing or relaxing near the shore. Most commonly you will find them on calm lakes which are plentiful near Miami.

Miami Boat Rental

Deep-V Hulls

Larger boats and those that are meant for speed will usually have what is known as a V shaped hull or a Deep V. You will find these on yachts as well as speed boat rentals in Miami, and they are designed to break the waves, quite literally. Deep V’s are a feat of science even if it doesn’t quite seem like it today – they’re able to move through the ocean effortlessly, pushing the waves aside as they move. This not only makes the trip much safer, it means greater stability and capability for the boat inhabitants.

Miami Boat RentalThis might seem very simple but it is very important to consider when you are renting a boat for leisure. Larger boats, such as yachts are naturally going to have a V shaped hull to give them longer range for charters, but smaller boats could go either way. That being said, when you are looking for boat rentals in Miami you will need to make sure that you ask yourself the following questions: What do you want to rent the boat for? How far out do you want to sail? How much time will you be spending on the boat? Whether the boat is large or small, you should note that if you are prone to sea sickness the Deep V hull will help to offset it, making your day trip a lot more enjoyable.

The cool thing about is that we have many different types of boats for you to enjoy, all of which have different types of hulls. You might want to rent a small kayak to enjoy solitude on the waves, or maybe you want to jump onto a massive yacht, spending a few weeks relaxing on what could technically be defined as a second home.

Whatever your needs are, from speed boat rentals in Miami to small fishing boat rentals in Miami, is ready and willing to accommodate and will make sure that you have the opportunity to enjoy your trip. Take a look at our website right now and get ready to have the marine experience of a lifetime with top of the line boats in the best state in America.