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Planning a Family Reunion? Take it Out to Sea

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Family reunions. Special, sometimes just once in a lifetime occasions when brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and others all agree to meet up for a big celebration in Miami boat rent is not the first thing that comes to your mind, but this article might make you want to reconsider.

Because family reunions tend to be very special occasions, it’s only normal that whoever is tasked with organizing them wants to host an event that’s fun, suitable for all ages, within their budget and, above all, memorable. Wanting to stage such an event is one thing though, pulling it off is sometimes quite another.

The Nautical Alternative to ‘Dad’s Favorite Restaurant’

Figuring out just where a family reunion is going to be held is one of the very first challenges that any harried soul in charge of putting one together has to overcome. There is Dad’s (or Gran’s or Uncle Fred’s) favorite restaurant, they do catering and have a back room. But then again, it’s a steakhouse and at least two of the probable attendees are vegetarian, one is vegan and one only eats their food raw, so that may not be the best or most popular choice.

Catering halls and hotels are another option, but often a very expensive one, and that’s before the food and beverages, and you know you’ll need plenty of those. One good alternative to these traditional family reunion locations? Miami boat rent. Yes, renting a boat to throw a bash no one will forget, whether they are four, fourteen, forty or older.

The idea of looking for a company offering boat rental in Miami and actually hiring a ‘party’ boat might seem, at first, like a rather decadent one. However, as impressive as it might be to guests – and it almost certainly will be – it’s an easier and more affordable option than you might imagine, often costing only as much as that restaurant bash would have done. And the return on investment in terms of actually achieving all of those lofty aims for creating an unforgettable day? Priceless.

Miami boat rent 35' catamaran at

Planning Your Family Day on the Water

There are still choices to be made when you opt to take your family reunion offshore and rent a boat for your get-together. The first is what kind of boat? A classic pontoon boat best suited to an informal, relaxed soiree? A larger powerboat with a stateroom? An elegant yacht with several staterooms that can accommodate everyone? Or a thrilling catamaran? You’ll find, once you begin looking, that the choice is yours. Most Miami boat rent options are available by the day or by the hour, so you’ll be able to meet your particular needs there too.

Miami boat rent: 38' catamaran

Once the basic boat rental is arranged it’s time to figure out just what you – and your soon to be arriving to party family – are actually going to do with it. Although the options are almost endless, here are just a few ideas to get your imagination fired up:

Beach Hopping

The one thing that Miami has in abundance is a slew of beautiful beaches to enjoy. But why limit yourself to enjoying just one? Why not plan a beach hopping trip, making the most of your day with a boat at your disposal to explore several different cozy coves and sandy beaches. Kids will have tons of fun – is the a child that doesn’t like building sandcastles? – and grown ups can take the time to chat and catch a few rays, preferably with a few cooling beverages on hand.

Miami boat rent beach hopping tour

Get in Some Water Play

Some Miami boat rent available to opt for when planning a family get-together come along with all of their toys, with those toys including things like paddle boards, tubing and floating islands, snorkel gear and more. For the family who likes their free time a little more action packed and active, getting out onto to the water – or even under it – can be a fantastic way to spend the day and do a little family bonding at the same time.

Miami boat rent with tubes

Have a Cookout

Many of the rental boats available come along with their own cooking facilities, whether that means a great grill or a full galley, offering you the opportunity to let the culinarily inclined members of the family show off their skills in style. After all, what would you really rather serve to your guests, and eat yourself; a lukewarm generic restaurant ‘standard’ or lots of cooked to order fresh local produce – and seafood, don’t forget that, we have so much of it in Miami and it’s all so good – that’s tasty and homemade – well boat made at least? We know which one we’d pick!

Miami boat rent BBQ Miami boat rent: 38' catamaran with kitchenGet Ready for Your Closeup

Who doesn’t share all of their photographic memories almost instantly to social media these days? Even grandmas have Facebook pages these days and why not? It’s a great way to keep in touch and share memories. Therefore, it’s a given that everyone attending your family reunion will be snapping lots of pictures with their cellphones. But why not go a little further and arrange for a little professional photography to capture all of the best moments of the day, via drone.

Drone photography is a big ‘thing’ these days, and believe it or not some rental boats actually come equipped with their own. And even if they don’t, hiring one is pretty easy. And if those kind of photos don’t impress all of your Facebook friends and Snapchat buddies we don’t know what will. And they’ll make for some great lasting memories as well.
Miami boat rent with a drone photoshoot

A Final Word About Safety

Some people may balk a little about the idea of partying on a boat for safety reasons, especially if their are kids (or pets, as some boats do allow dogs) involved. The fact is though, as long as you exercise basic common sense boating is very safe.

Everyone should have a lifejacket, everyone should have lots of sunscreen and a change of clothes, children should have at least one adult watching over them at all times – and the same goes for Fido if he’s come aboard – and the designated captain of the boat should never drink. And while we’re on that subject, don’t let a lack of basic boating experience put you off Miami boat rent. Almost every owner renting out their vessel will also offer up the services of an experienced captain to take charge on the day so that everyone on board gets to truly enjoy every minute safely.

Miami boat rent pet friendly at

Three Water Sports you Can Try with Boat Rentals in Miami

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There are tons of activities you can take part in when you use boat rentals in Miami and sometimes you’ll have an urge to try something a bit more extreme. If you have enough experience in a specific sport then why wouldn’t you want to give it a try while you’re on the water? There’s plenty of space and when you’re hanging out beneath the Miami sun, a little bit of fun is definitely in order. Today we’re going discuss three of the best water sports you can try out when you’re cruising those beautiful Miami waters. Remember, you can try these alone, or you can always hire a guide to help you out.

Water Skiing with Boat Rentals in Miami

Boat Rentals in Miami

Here we have the most common water sport in Miami. There is nothing quite like experiencing the rush of the wind against your face and the friction of the waves beneath your feet as you glide effortlessly across the surface. There are plenty of prime spots for skiing, though before you actually embark on this extreme adventure, do make sure you know the rules and regulations for the area you’re planning to embark into.

Parasailing – The Ultimate Adventure in the Sky

Okay, there are a lot of great ways for you to tour Miami but we just want to say that one of the best ways to get the job done is from above. Parasailing is an amazing pastime in Florida and if you’ve spent any time on the beach then there is a good chance that you’ve seen quite a few parasailers off in the distance. They ride the skies in multi-colored chutes and see sights that few can barely dream of. If you choose to jump into a rental from and ride the skies, you’re going to see some amazing sites. First of all, you get to see the beach from above which is going to be nice overall.

You’ll also be able to see prime fishing locations from the sky, and as you look at the water, you’re going notice things from above that you might have never spotted from ground level. You might see the discoloration in certain areas from algae or seaweed, or you may even spot schools of fish in the calmer waters – you never know just what you’re going to see when you take to the skies, and it can all be accomplished courtesy of your ride from’s astounding Miami boat rental selection.

Surfing the Waves

Boat Rentals in MiamiMost surfing is obviously done from the shore, but if you really want to catch some big waves you can use a boat to ferry you out to the deeper waters. Let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun when you can save your energy by having a boat take you out to sea rather than taking the swim yourself. You’ll be able to surf longer, it will be much more exhilarating, and at the end of the day you can use your boat to go fishing, explore the open water, or just relax – the possibilities are simply endless.

There are lots of other extreme sports you could try, perhaps even using a jet ski if you really want to have some fun, but it all starts with getting the right boat, or even the right charter. specializes in connecting renters with the best possible Miami boat rentals , ensuring that you absolutely have the time of your life while you’re out there exploring the open ocean. Above all, we’re going to make sure that you have a story to tell when you get home. Give us a call today or take a look at the available boats on our website – we’re certain that you will find something you like and be on the water, or in the air before you know it.


Miami Boat Rental – Deep V Hulls vs. Flat Bottoms

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When you are thinking about renting a boat there are many aspects you consider – passenger space, cabin size, how nice the fly deck looks, but one thing you probably never think about is the hull. What’ the range of the boat? Your boat rental Miami will depend upon the type of hull, and today we’re going to discuss the two different types: Flat Bottom and Deep V.

Flat Bottom Miami Boat Rental

The flat bottom boat is actually a pretty interesting concept. The flat bottom boat moves with the ocean, and as you get further out into the water you will start to experience waves. Because the boat moves with the ocean, it’s going to move in the EXACT same way, so if a wave crashes, the boat will crash with it. There may be instances where you can get over the wave, but in most cases physics is going to in out. That being said, flat bottom boats are usually used for fishing or relaxing near the shore. Most commonly you will find them on calm lakes which are plentiful near Miami.

Miami Boat Rental

Deep-V Hulls

Larger boats and those that are meant for speed will usually have what is known as a V shaped hull or a Deep V. You will find these on yachts as well as speed boat rentals in Miami, and they are designed to break the waves, quite literally. Deep V’s are a feat of science even if it doesn’t quite seem like it today – they’re able to move through the ocean effortlessly, pushing the waves aside as they move. This not only makes the trip much safer, it means greater stability and capability for the boat inhabitants.

Miami Boat RentalThis might seem very simple but it is very important to consider when you are renting a boat for leisure. Larger boats, such as yachts are naturally going to have a V shaped hull to give them longer range for charters, but smaller boats could go either way. That being said, when you are looking for boat rentals in Miami you will need to make sure that you ask yourself the following questions: What do you want to rent the boat for? How far out do you want to sail? How much time will you be spending on the boat? Whether the boat is large or small, you should note that if you are prone to sea sickness the Deep V hull will help to offset it, making your day trip a lot more enjoyable.

The cool thing about is that we have many different types of boats for you to enjoy, all of which have different types of hulls. You might want to rent a small kayak to enjoy solitude on the waves, or maybe you want to jump onto a massive yacht, spending a few weeks relaxing on what could technically be defined as a second home.

Whatever your needs are, from speed boat rentals in Miami to small fishing boat rentals in Miami, is ready and willing to accommodate and will make sure that you have the opportunity to enjoy your trip. Take a look at our website right now and get ready to have the marine experience of a lifetime with top of the line boats in the best state in America.


Four Beaches You Need to Visit with your Miami Boat Rental

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Miami Boat Rental

Miami is a beautiful place, there is no way to dispute that, and you need a great way to explore it. A Miami boat rental from a service like will give you a clear advantage over many other tourists for a few reasons. First of all, you will have access to an amazing boat, which will permit you to see plenty of different sights throughout the Miami area. There’s a lot of water to explore and you’re going to absolutely love the opportunities it affords you!

One of the most common activities that people tend to partake in when it comes to boating, especially in Miami, is the good old fashioned barbecue, and why not? You have a boat, you have plenty of great locations to visit, and it honestly might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take a break from fishing or your relaxing day on the water to enjoy a relaxing day on the beach at one of these great locations we’ve collected for you.

Haulover Park

This is a great spot for both weekends and weekdays, though we have to warn anyone that wants to rent a boat in Miami that it can get really busy on the weekends and you may have trouble finding a spot to settle down. The park, situated right on the beach with an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean is equipped with plenty of picnic tables and charcoal grills to help facilitate your ultimate family BBQ. If you’re looking to make a memory, this is probably the place you want to visit and it’s also the place to have a complete blast, as the park comes with a marina a nine-hole golf course, and six tennis courts. It’s not exactly far from civilization, if that’s what you were looking for, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

Oleta River State Park

rent a boat in MiamiOleta is a west facing beach and anyone who frequents the area knows that means plenty of sun during the day and even the early evening. The part sits at the mouth of the Oleta River in North Mami and allows for some amazing fishing if that’s what you’re into on this trip. If you want to spend some time relaxing on the back and grilling out with your family and friends, however, you’ve definitely come to the right place when you rent a boat in Miami. At the end of the day you can enjoy an incredible sunset just before you hop back into your boat for more water bound adventures.

Boca Chica Key

Boca Chica is without a doubt one of the best detours you can make. It’s a 30 minute boat ride from Miami and a great place to stop for a BBQ. The name, in Spanish, means ‘small mouth’, and it is almost completely covered by salt marshes, mangrove trees, and a set of slots that are widely thought to be submarine pits. In addition to that, it’s home to the largest Naval Air Station in South Florida, so you’re sure to see some amazing takeoffs and landings while you’re there.

These are all great spots to visit in Miami if you want to have a barbecue, enjoy nature, or simply be alone as you enjoy all of the beautiful lush scenery that the state of Florida has to offer. They’re not exactly off the beaten path, but they’re definitely worth visiting and it won’t be too long before you find yourself considering a second visit to some of them. Keep in mind that some of these spots do charge a fee for admission which can change from time to time, but it’s never enough to break the bank, and is certainly worthwhile.


The Fourth of July is Coming – What Will you Do with your Miami Boat Rental?

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Everyone knows that July 4th is an amazing holiday for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the day America celebrates independence day, which is important in and of itself. Secondly, it’s a great day to grill out and watch fireworks. Most of America will be doing this from the comfort of their own backyard or in public parks, enjoying the amazing light display in the sky as they have fun with their friends and family members, which is great, but if you’re in the Miami area you can definitely take it up a notch with a Miami boat rental.

If you take a look at the city website for Miami you’re going to find that there are a ton of events that you can attend around the area whether they’re parades, celebrations, or even public park events. There are indeed a lot of things that you can do in the area, but what if none of them particularly appeal to you? The good news is you don’t have to be land-bound to enjoy the Fourth of July celebration, so why not jump over to the water with a boat rental?

See it All from the Water

Miami Boat RentalEverything is going to be visible from the water this Fourth of July, at least as far as the fireworks are concerned, and let’s face it, there are far fewer restrictions on your activities when you’re enjoying the show from afar. So now, you only have to ask, what do you want to do during the holiday?

When it comes to boat rental options, particularly from a provider like you have your choice of options, and we’re going to list off a few of the most popular for your Fourth of July celebration.

Rent a Party BoatA party boat rental Miami is probably the best route that you can take. After all, if you’re going to celebrate Independence Day for our country, why not celebrate some independence of your own by breaking free from the land and enjoying the amenities a yacht or party boat has to offer. You could choose a boat that you pilot yourself, or if you want, you can choose one that already has a captain simply to enhance your overall enjoyment of the event. In addition to that you could enjoy an open bar onboard, lots of deck space, and room for all the friends you want to bring with you. Party boats can be absolutely amazing and are definitely not something that you want to miss out on. Something fun to note, these boats are typically millions of dollars for outright purchase and renting them for the weekend can provide you with a once in a lifetime experience – it’s definitely something to think about!

Rent a Fishing BoatThe Independence Day festivities start early, but if you don’t particularly want to be on the land then why not enjoy some time out on the water beforehand? You could spend your time fishing, or simply relaxing amongst the waves. Go alone, bring a friend, but don’t forget that a fishing boat rental Miami is always an option at

Rent a Speed BoatNo one can blame you for wanting to keep things a bit smaller when it comes to your boat rental, and a speed boat is an excellent way to get around on the water without spending a lot of money. You can cruise around the bay or spend some time exploring the open water before the fireworks are slated to start. A speed boat is an amazing sense of freedom, especially if you’re usually land locked like the rest of us. Take a look at the various options on today.

Rent Something SmallerThere’s no need to rent or buy the biggest boat or even something motorized if you don’t want to. There are plenty of smaller options including canoes, kayaks, and other manually operated boats that will give you the experience of being on the water without the expense or even the cost of gas. From glass bottomed kayaks to fishing dinghies, we’ve got you covered.

The way you celebrate Independence Day is always going to be your own business, but we strongly recommend trying it on the water. For some it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity and a story you can tell forever. It’s time to set sail and declare your independence.


The Best Underwater Attractions to Explore in Miami 

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rent a boat in Miami

If you’re looking for a great experience during your Florida vacation then a Miami boat rental should probably be at the top of your priority list, but have you ever considered taking a dive? Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing quite like sailing on the open sea and enjoying the wind in your face but if you take a look under the water you’re going to discover a whole new world. While there are plenty of things to see we’re going to be focusing on underwater wrecks. We would simply say shipwrecks, but there is actually a lot more to see when you rent a boat in Miami.

Exploring Shipwrecks with Boat Rentals in Miami

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular shipwrecks around Miami. Remember that some of these wrecks are a bit more advanced than others, and we’ll note if you need to practice caution.

The Almirante

This is a bigger ship, roughly 200 feet long and on the ocean floor since April of 1979. As it was sunk by the Dade Sports Commission (intentionally) the wreck as initially in great shape but over time damage was sustained, particularly due to Hurricane Andrew. The ship now sits upside down on the bottom and is still a great place to dive. There is plenty of sea life and you’ll find it to be a great experience.

While this is a great place to explore we would note that it is beneath 135 feet of water, making it suitable for only the more advanced divers. If you’re looking for a challenge, then the Almirante might be your cup of tea.

Jose Cuervo

Just ten feet below the water and 150 yards southeast of the Second Street Lifeguard station you will find a 22 ton concrete margarita bar, sunk during the event known as ‘Sinko De Mayo’. It was designed with a dive flag roof and six bar stools for added effect. Because this is only ten feet below the surface it is considered to be a novice dive and a great starting point if you’re interested in learning.

Army Tank Site

boat rentals in MiamiNot all wrecks are shipwrecks. The site known as the ‘Wreck Trek’, very close to the Mathew Lawrence Wreck is now a monument to two Vietnam era combat tanks that now sit preserved under fifty feet of water. Several species of fish, lobsters, and even barracudas inhabit the now stationary tanks, and at some point in the future there are plans to deposit even more tanks at the spot. This is an outstanding way to explore both marine life and a few relics from the past.

The water here is not very deep and as such it is perfect for beginners who are looking into boat rentals in Miami.

Brandy wine

We find this to be an interesting one as it was seized by US customs and sunk in 2001, though not in an area that one would typically decide to dive in. It sits in one hundred and forty five feet of water and is therefore considered to be a more advanced dive.


In the Biscayne Artificial Reef Site you will find the Biscayne, a 120-foot freighter that traveled from Central America to Florida carrying a huge supply of bananas. As far as wrecks go it’s not in the greatest condition as both the bow and stern sections have collapsed, however there is some amazing aquatic life to see and if you’re looking for a night dive, this is the way to go.

This is obviously considered to be a beginner’s diving location simply because it only sits in 55 feet of water, allowing for a quick escape should you need it.

When you rent a boat in Miami you have lots of places to see and visit. The world beneath the waves is not only exciting, it’s a must see. Rent a craft from and set sail for deeper waters.


Three Islands off the Coast of Miami you Should Consider Visiting

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Boat rentals in Miami are a great way to experience the area in a way that many others won’t. You see, when most people visit Florida they stick to the mainland and while there are a lot of attractions to see in Miami itself, there are just as many to see on the water. Maybe you want to go fishing, maybe you want to relax and enjoy the waves, or maybe you want to try some extreme sports on the water.

No matter what your purpose happens to be, you can be rest assured that a boat rental will give you the fun and excitement you need to make you trip memorable. While there are a ton of things for you to do on the water, we’re going to cover three of the most popular islands you can visit off the coast of Miami. Some are more exclusive than others, but they are all equally fun to discover. Let’s take a look!

Rent a Boat in Miami

Fisher Island – a Great Destination When You Rent a Boat in Miami

We’re going to go ahead and admit right off the bat that this place is a bit exclusive, having the highest per capita income of any location in the United States. Believe it or not, Fisher island plays host to just 226 households and 132 people. Though this is mainly a residential island there are still a few places you might want to visit, perhaps even the Fisher Island Club which features a number of outstanding recreational activities.

These include golf, tennis, a spa, fitness center, a marina to dock your boat, and of course various dining experiences that you’ll be talking about for many years to come. The most interesting thing about Fisher Island is the fact that unlike most other island off the coast, it cannot be reached by car. Instead, you will need to rent a boat in Miami and make your way to the port. It’s right off the coast of Miami and extremely easy to access. In addition to that, there are lots of other attractions on the coast that you might want to try later on, after you’ve finished your island hopping.

Virginia Key

Though this one is accessible from the Rickenbacker causeway, there’s no reason not to go by boat. If you’re looking for something a bit scaled down from the Fisher Island experience, this is probably the place to be. The island is occupied mostly by the Virginia Key Beach Park, but you can also find the famous Miami Seaquarium, the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, and a number of other spots worth visiting. If you’re feeling nostalgic, don’t forget to visit the former Miami Marine Stadium while you’re on the island – it’s an absolute blast.

Bay Harbor Islands

Rent a Boat in MiamiFinally we have the Bay Harbor Islands which, like Fisher Island features a robust residential community, though still a bit more scaled down. As of the 2010 census there are a total of 5,268 people living on the Bay Harbor Islands though we can only imagine that its grown a bit since then. There are lots of things to do here, especially if you’re looking for some exclusive cuisines. For example you could enjoy some of the delectable samplings from the Asia Bay Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar, or you could take it down a few notches by visiting the Bay Harbor Bistro and Bakery. There are tons of other activities here, though you may have to look a bit harder to find them. Still, it’s not a bad place to visit if you’re up for some sight seeing.

While none of the islands of the Coast of Miami are particularly great for extended stays, they are perfect for a short tour when you rent a boat in Miami. You may not have time to visit all of them, but a quick excursion to just one might be all you need to top off what was already the perfect Florida vacation.



Three Snorkeling Locations in Miami you Have to Try 

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If you’re going on vacation in Miami anytime soon, you’re probably interested in the numerous snorkeling opportunities. It’s not only a great part of a Miami boat rental, it is a clear chance to explore some of the most incredible underwater locations in the Miami area. You might be surprised at what is hiding just a few feet below the surface whether you’re absorbing the colorful array of marine life, or simply exploring the coral reef that has sat stationary on the ocean floor for thousands of years. Miami has plenty of locations, including the famous Florida Straights Reef which stretches for 220 miles. Let’s take a quick look at three highly popular snorkeling locations in the Miami area. Remember, a world of fun and discovery sits right below the surface.

Snorkeling in Biscayne Park

There are a lot of great places to visit when you take advantage of boat rentals in Miami but we are firm in the belief that Biscayne National Park is a must-see, especially for anyone that hasn’t visited the area before. It sits on the coastline and offers some of the best opportunities for offshore snorkeling, including a visit to the Half Moon and Emerald Reef. This is not a free opportunity, however, as you will need to pay roughly $40 per person, though it is our opinion that it is entirely worth it. You can trust us when we say you’re going to see some amazing things when you pay a visit to Biscayne Park. If you want even more reason to visit, consider that there is a rich history to be explored – would you believe that this was an old pirate stomping ground at one point in history? Well, actually most of the water on Earth was, but this is a spot you can easily explore, and that makes it ten times better!

Pompano Beach Dropoff

There’s a lot to see here, and it’s right next to the Pompano Beach Club Recreation Center. You can easily take a boat here, and you’ll find it’s an amazing spot with lots of flat rocks beneath the surface. You’re going to find plenty of corals, seawhips, sponges, and tons of other wildlife just below the surface. At a varying depth between 6 and 22 feet, you’re going to find that time has created an incredible environment beneath the waves, completely with various caves now inhabited by the resident wildlife. If you’re looking into boat rentals in Miami, then you absolutely cannot forget to visit this location.

Vista Park Reef

Once again, it’s an area awash with coral reef exploration opportunities, but this time there’s a twist: lobsters! The ocean floor here is covered with a ton of rocks and other objects that serve as great hiding spots for lobsters, and you’re going to see a ton of other marine life as well. Some you might see include:

  • * Damselfish
  • * Grunts
  • * Snapper
  • * Spadefish
  • * Black Margate


These are just a few great examples, and there are 100 yards of reef for you to explore. It might not sound like much, but in the underwater kingdom, that’s quite a bit! There’s a lot to see and your Miami boat rental could very well be your key to a wide world of exploration. Don’t forget to check it out!

Snorkeling is definitely one of the more fun events and activities that a boat renter can partake in, so make sure you investigate it as a potential activity for your vacation. As always, make sure you seek training or help if you have never tried it before! It’s pretty simple, but there are plenty of things you need to know, not to mention tips and tricks that will help you to have a much better time. It’s time to rent a boat from and explore the ocean floor on your terms!