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How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party?

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  • How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party? 

    • The average cost to rent a yacht for a party in Miami vary from $1000 to $3000 per 4 hours. For example, you can rent this 40′ cruiser at just $720 per 4 hours or this gorgeous 86′ Azimut at $4600 for 4 hours. Both yachts take up to 12 guests.

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  • How many guests can a yacht charter take?

    • The majority of yacht charters can take up to 12-13 guests. For a larger party you will have to consider renting a bigger vessel that specializes in holding big events. Such yachts will offer catering services and entertainment as well. This selection of party boat rentals will give you an idea of what these vessels look like. 
    • Rent a yacht in Miami for a large boat party
  • How to plan a yacht party?

    • A formal cocktail party with appetizers or a light dinner requires a bigger yacht, so you would want to rent a yacht over 40 feet. You will need a kitchen with a proper fridge to store and serve drinks and food. And more space to move around. A fun gathering with friends on the contrary might be taking place on the cockpit all the time! You would want to swim and sun bath and play with the water toys! So a pick a yacht that fits the budget: anything from a 21′ Yamaha, a 24′ Pontoon to a 37′ Sea Ray might work. 
    • Rent a yacht for a party in Miami

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  • Boat party food and drinks ideas 

    • Many yacht charters come with some great food and beverage service options. From basic picnic supplies (maybe a stop at a sandbar to eat would be fun) to elegant canapés and drink service to full sit-down meals. Most yacht charters will allow you to bring your own food and beverages or order from your favorite restaurants. Rent a yacht with catering services
  • What are the best places to party on a boat?

    • Maybe you don’t want to go too far and just want to hit one of the popular party spots like a Nixon or Haulover sandbar in Miami. Or maybe you want to offer your party guests a bit of a sightseeing trip as well. Maybe you like the idea of heading to a quiet beach at the Monument island and partying there? These options and more are usually available, but they will affect the overall price as one routes might take more time than the others.  
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      Once you have answered these questions you can begin a better search for the perfect party boat rental. And if you rent via BOAT.ME you can always reach out and ask one of our boat rental experts for help and advice as well.

A yacht party might sound like something reserved for the rich and famous but, as more and more people are discovering, that’s not the case at all. Often the cost of renting a yacht for a party, here in Miami anyway, is comparable to that of renting a land-based venue like a hotel banquet room or nightclub back room.

Pontoon Boat Rental – Affordable And Fun

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If you’re looking to have an exciting and enjoyable boating experience but worry about going overboard (pun intended) shelling out a ton of money just to make it happen, you might consider a Pontoon boat rental, one of the most spacious types of boats available for rent. Their flat builds, wide-open floor plans, and customization options allow maximum deck space for your party or get-together. Grab your friends, have everyone chip in, and you have an inexpensive, fun and festive night out on the water.

Pontoon boat rentals near me

What Exactly Is a Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat looks like a mini-barge, floating on buoyant tubes called “pontoons.” It can be considered a floating room, flat and spacious, its arrangement best suited for social gatherings. For a mix of boating and social interaction, a pontoon boat can host a plethora of people and its strong stability on the water means no liquid spilling out of your drink or getting caught off guard by a small wave and tripping onto the floor, embarrassing yourself.

They have wide-open floor plans and are built for maximum space, whether it’s for seating, standing, hosting a portable wet bar, or storage. Although pontoon boats used to be considered slow and just simply “floaters,” many pontoon boats these days have massive engines and can travel just as fast as other boats much smaller.

Benefits of a Pontoon Boat Rental Near Me

Go out to the club and pay a massive cover, continuing to pay for over-priced watered down drinks. Sound like a good time? Think quantity will save you money? Get bottle service and prepare to be stood corrected. Go to a bar and still end up with a giant tab. You and your friends might even get stuck with someone glued to the jukebox blasting Journey on repeat and it’s only 9pm.


Would you rather plan a fun get-together at your apartment? You better hope your neighbors next to you, above you, and below you like the same music you do and don’t have to wake up early. A pontoon boat is your personal party on the water, a “party barge,” if you will. You have the intimacy of a private gathering with enough space to avoid everyone banging into each other, enough space for comfort.

Pontoon boat rentals near me

Because of pontoon boats’ flat design, more space is available on deck, creating a great atmosphere for parties, get-togethers, just plain hanging out, or getting some much needed quality family time. Overhangs or full enclosure tops can extend your outings to times of the year where the weather is less than ideal. Prices will also be less during these times, another factor you might consider when renting.

Budget Boating

Renting a pontoon boat is the best choice for boating on the cheap. Hook up a Spotify playlist, skip the Don Perignon, and you will still have as much fun as you would otherwise, if not more so, at a fraction of the price. The large amount of deck space available means you can invite all your friends and then some. If everyone wants to chip in for the price of the boat rental, it can cost close to nothing. Boating can be expensive, but with pontoon boat rental, it doesn’t have to be.

Pontoon boat rentals near me

Even higher-end pontoon boats can be inexpensive if everyone wants to chip in. Higher-end pontoon boats can have multiple levels, changing rooms, built-in sound systems, high-tech lighting, and even spacious restrooms.

Customize Your Experience

Pontoon boats are built and even retrofitted in a variety of ways. Some have overhangs and enclosures just in case the forecast calls for a slight chance of rain and you want to be on the water, not under it. Some pontoon boats are built for fishing, fully equipped with fishing seats and a fishing station, with all the necessary storage for your fishing equipment.

pontoon boat rentals near me

Other pontoon boats are multi-level, complete with a small, spiral staircase leading to an upper deck. Atop the second floor, you can host a party with a different vibe than what’s happening on the main deck. Have a bustling main deck? Create a quieter, more atmosphere up on the second floor.

Some people even fit their pontoons with a waterslide starting at the upper level leading straight down to the water. The sky’s the limit. Some have intricate seating arrangements which allow the perfect setup for socializations, while others have extremely minimal seating, leaving more standing room for a more meet-and-greet environment.

Find Your Perfect Pontoon Boat

Aside from renting a giant, pricey yacht, a pontoon boat is the most cost-efficient way to throw a get-together that includes more than just a few people while making your wallet smile. If you’re thinking, “I want to find a pontoon boat rental near me,” visit to find the perfect pontoon boat for your next festivity. The only thing more enjoyable than entertaining on land is entertaining on the water.