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What to See and Do at Art Basel Miami 2017

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Miami has long been considered a place where artists thrive, and since the founding of the Art Basel art fair in 2002 it has also become a destination for art lovers and art collectors to head every December to enjoy what has become one of the best known and most respected art fairs in the world.

Never experienced Art Basel for yourself? Think of a little like Miami’s Cannes, but for art instead of film. Not only do more than 4,000 artists gather to showcase – and sell – their work but there is a party atmosphere of the kind that is truly unique to Miami; lively, colorful, warm, fun and accepting of all. It’s three days of culture, entertainment and of course yacht renting Miami puts on every art lover’s bucket list.

There is so much more to Art Basel than just the main exhibit hall though. Over the course of the festival there are satellite art fairs, glamorous parties, special dining events and more. Add to that all that Miami has to offer in general – and that’s a lot – and any visitor to Art Basel is in for a fabulous time. We do have some suggestions though, for making it truly a trip to remember.

Yacht renting Miami for Art Basel

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Yacht renting Miami Style

As we mentioned, the Art Basel Miami festival has become very much a star-studded affair. And many of those stars don’t spend the weekend holed up in some hotel, they take advantage of the great weather, and make a luxury yacht their home away from home for the weekend. And you can do the same.

Yacht renting Miami is not something reserved just for the rich and famous, it’s a more affordable than you might think option for everyone, and one of the biggest party weekends on the Miami Beach calendar is a fantastic time to try it out.


Once you head ashore, you’ll find there are parties going on all weekend long. Some are, as you might expect, A (and maybe B) lister celebrities only parties, but there are plenty that are welcoming to all. If you are a fan of club partying there are plenty of opportunities to indulge a passion for music and dancing, and better known venues like Club Space, LIV and Rec Room you can practically party on 24/7. However, also be on the lookout for the street parties, less formal – and usually less expensive – casual soirees that often feature the best in local street food and the art of up and comers who didn’t quite make the cut for the big hall at Art Basel (but very well may do in a few years, so maybe you should snap up a piece or two now..)

Yacht renting Miami

Check Out Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls is another experience that no art lover should miss when in Miami, whatever time of year it is. Founded in 2009 during that year’s Art Basel it is a huge, free outdoor museum (of sorts) where buildings have replaced canvases and the paintings are meters, rather than inches, high. Some of the world’s best known street artists have added their touch to Wynwood Walls – including Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGuinness, Kenny Scharf, Retna and the Date Farmers – but there are also amazing works of art by lesser known but equally talented artists that are well worth checking out (and taking the obligatory selfie for Snapchat with)

yacht renting Miami for Art Basel

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Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Whether you are out on the Miami streets soaking up all the sights and sounds or back on your luxury yacht renting Miami enjoying some relaxing down time the food and beverage options available to Art Basel visitors are incredible. Across the city you’ll find restaurants, cafes and food trucks offering almost every type of cuisine in the world and if you want to try cooking up your own onboard feast there are a slew of great food markets offering the best in local produce and seafood. Alternately many yacht rentals do offer catering as an optional extra, so why not really live like a star during Art Basel Miami weekend and have a private chef whip you up something tasty and delicious instead?

yacht renting Miami

Whatever you do, if you head to Art Basel Miami you are guaranteed to have fun, enjoy some rather amazing art and, if you are not from our sunny shores escape the nasty winter that grips much of the rest of the country (and beyond) during the month of December and how nice would that be?

Miami Yacht rental Essentials for the Ultimate Nautical Fun!

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You want to make the most of your time in Miami, but wandering the streets as the heat and humidity rises may not be the most appealing way to do so, unless you don’t mind ending up a sticky, sweaty exhausted mess by 4 p.m. A great alternative? Making use of the services of a company offering Miami yacht rental to experience Miami the way it’s supposed to be experienced; on the water.

Miami yacht rental offers you the chance to explore some of the most beautiful water in the world; the Biscayne Bay, the Intracoastal Highway or you can even head out to the ocean. But such a trip also offers you the chance to party and have fun, especially since you can leave all the navigation to the captain of your rented vessel and focus on nothing more than the water, the sun and having fun.

Yacht rental Miami

What to Wear

The one thing that stumps some people planning to head out onto the water for the day is quite what to wear. Swimsuits are practically essential of course but do you really want to spend the entire day wandering around in next to nothing, especially as out there on the water it’s a lot windier than you might think?

One of the things that Miami is known for – apart from the great beaches, amazing bodies of water, fantastic food, amazing shopping and so much more – is great style. And a day out on a yacht is a great chance to showcase yours.

While you are certainly free to express your nautical style in any way you like, there are very good reasons why classics like Breton striped shirts, capris, chinos, and cotton shorts remain the clothing of choice for seasoned yachtsmen and women. They are light, comfortable, dry quickly and fold up small when and if you do swap them for bathing attire and a quick dip and are basically pieces that never go out of style.

Miami yacht rental in style

Take the Breton striped top. Brigitte Bardot wowed in the 60s in the look, as did James Dean and Marilyn Monroe a decade before. The mega pop group revitalized the look in their glamorous yacht-centric  music videos in the 80s and in the 21st century everyone from Kate Moss and Johnny Depp to Kate Middleton and Beyonce are keeping them in style when they hit the high seas.

The other thing to remember is that although the stores may offer lots of great deck shoes, the majority of yacht rental Miami experiences do not allow shoes at all, so rather than focusing on finding a cool looking pair of shoes that you then won’t be able to wear all day, spend the cash on a good pedicure as instead (both boys and girls) so that you look great barefoot.

What to Eat

Even if you are only going to be out on the water for a few hours everyone is bound to get at least a little peckish, and if you are planning a day trip then food is certainly a must. Many yacht rentals also offer optional on-board catering, and if you are willing to spend a little more to save yourself time and hassle, and well as get some truly great grub, then it may be the way to go.

Miami yacht rental catering

If, on the other hand, you want to bring your own picnic then most yacht rentals do come equipped with a fridge, but it will help to make sure beforehand, to avoid being left with soggy sandwiches and warm champagne.

In terms of menu you might want to keep things light. The waters can get a little choppy at times and a big heavy meal might not sit too well (literally) for many people. Light canapes, seafood and salads are all great choices and in addition to all of that champagne or Prosecco that is practically a must don’t forget to pack lots of soft drinks and water, as yachting can be very thirsty work.

What to Do 

For some, yachting is about relaxing, kicking back and simply going with the flow, enjoying the stunning scenery in the company of good friends. For others it’s a time to really party, taking advantage of some of the many extras that are available with Miami yacht rental like jet skis, water tubes, special champagne bars and more. Some people choose to hit the water for their bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations, and yes, sometimes even their wedding. In fact, whatever you long to do out on the water, Miami yacht rentals can accommodate you, all you have to do is ask.

Miami yacht rental romantic trip

Planning a Family Reunion? Take it Out to Sea

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Family reunions. Special, sometimes just once in a lifetime occasions when brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and others all agree to meet up for a big celebration in Miami boat rent is not the first thing that comes to your mind, but this article might make you want to reconsider.

Because family reunions tend to be very special occasions, it’s only normal that whoever is tasked with organizing them wants to host an event that’s fun, suitable for all ages, within their budget and, above all, memorable. Wanting to stage such an event is one thing though, pulling it off is sometimes quite another.

The Nautical Alternative to ‘Dad’s Favorite Restaurant’

Figuring out just where a family reunion is going to be held is one of the very first challenges that any harried soul in charge of putting one together has to overcome. There is Dad’s (or Gran’s or Uncle Fred’s) favorite restaurant, they do catering and have a back room. But then again, it’s a steakhouse and at least two of the probable attendees are vegetarian, one is vegan and one only eats their food raw, so that may not be the best or most popular choice.

Catering halls and hotels are another option, but often a very expensive one, and that’s before the food and beverages, and you know you’ll need plenty of those. One good alternative to these traditional family reunion locations? Miami boat rent. Yes, renting a boat to throw a bash no one will forget, whether they are four, fourteen, forty or older.

The idea of looking for a company offering boat rental in Miami and actually hiring a ‘party’ boat might seem, at first, like a rather decadent one. However, as impressive as it might be to guests – and it almost certainly will be – it’s an easier and more affordable option than you might imagine, often costing only as much as that restaurant bash would have done. And the return on investment in terms of actually achieving all of those lofty aims for creating an unforgettable day? Priceless.

Miami boat rent 35' catamaran at

Planning Your Family Day on the Water

There are still choices to be made when you opt to take your family reunion offshore and rent a boat for your get-together. The first is what kind of boat? A classic pontoon boat best suited to an informal, relaxed soiree? A larger powerboat with a stateroom? An elegant yacht with several staterooms that can accommodate everyone? Or a thrilling catamaran? You’ll find, once you begin looking, that the choice is yours. Most Miami boat rent options are available by the day or by the hour, so you’ll be able to meet your particular needs there too.

Miami boat rent: 38' catamaran

Once the basic boat rental is arranged it’s time to figure out just what you – and your soon to be arriving to party family – are actually going to do with it. Although the options are almost endless, here are just a few ideas to get your imagination fired up:

Beach Hopping

The one thing that Miami has in abundance is a slew of beautiful beaches to enjoy. But why limit yourself to enjoying just one? Why not plan a beach hopping trip, making the most of your day with a boat at your disposal to explore several different cozy coves and sandy beaches. Kids will have tons of fun – is the a child that doesn’t like building sandcastles? – and grown ups can take the time to chat and catch a few rays, preferably with a few cooling beverages on hand.

Miami boat rent beach hopping tour

Get in Some Water Play

Some Miami boat rent available to opt for when planning a family get-together come along with all of their toys, with those toys including things like paddle boards, tubing and floating islands, snorkel gear and more. For the family who likes their free time a little more action packed and active, getting out onto to the water – or even under it – can be a fantastic way to spend the day and do a little family bonding at the same time.

Miami boat rent with tubes

Have a Cookout

Many of the rental boats available come along with their own cooking facilities, whether that means a great grill or a full galley, offering you the opportunity to let the culinarily inclined members of the family show off their skills in style. After all, what would you really rather serve to your guests, and eat yourself; a lukewarm generic restaurant ‘standard’ or lots of cooked to order fresh local produce – and seafood, don’t forget that, we have so much of it in Miami and it’s all so good – that’s tasty and homemade – well boat made at least? We know which one we’d pick!

Miami boat rent BBQ Miami boat rent: 38' catamaran with kitchenGet Ready for Your Closeup

Who doesn’t share all of their photographic memories almost instantly to social media these days? Even grandmas have Facebook pages these days and why not? It’s a great way to keep in touch and share memories. Therefore, it’s a given that everyone attending your family reunion will be snapping lots of pictures with their cellphones. But why not go a little further and arrange for a little professional photography to capture all of the best moments of the day, via drone.

Drone photography is a big ‘thing’ these days, and believe it or not some rental boats actually come equipped with their own. And even if they don’t, hiring one is pretty easy. And if those kind of photos don’t impress all of your Facebook friends and Snapchat buddies we don’t know what will. And they’ll make for some great lasting memories as well.
Miami boat rent with a drone photoshoot

A Final Word About Safety

Some people may balk a little about the idea of partying on a boat for safety reasons, especially if their are kids (or pets, as some boats do allow dogs) involved. The fact is though, as long as you exercise basic common sense boating is very safe.

Everyone should have a lifejacket, everyone should have lots of sunscreen and a change of clothes, children should have at least one adult watching over them at all times – and the same goes for Fido if he’s come aboard – and the designated captain of the boat should never drink. And while we’re on that subject, don’t let a lack of basic boating experience put you off Miami boat rent. Almost every owner renting out their vessel will also offer up the services of an experienced captain to take charge on the day so that everyone on board gets to truly enjoy every minute safely.

Miami boat rent pet friendly at

Yacht Rental Miami for your epic vacation

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Yacht rental Miami at Brings Adventure to Your Vacation!

Yacht rental Miami is a great idea when you have already been to the seaside for a dozen times now, and it seems that nothing can impress you. Instead of just lying at the beach under dazzling sun — pick a yacht at and make this vacation impossible to forget.
Private yacht charter miami

Why Should I Rent a Yacht?

Let’s assume that you have never been on a yacht trip, or, which is even harder to believe in, you were on such a trip and didn’t like it. We would highly recommend you to give it another try, and here are just a few reasons why:

    • It’s an epic experience. Did you know that our brain loves new information? This is probably why we are so addicted to scrolling news feed without even paying much attention to the details of news – our brain needs constant stimulation. But, unlike staying in and automatically refreshing your Facebook page, private yacht charter is a lot more useful and exciting in every way.


    • You can find your passion. It’s hard to say whether you like sailing and yachting, if you have never tried that. This is one of those experiences when you suddenly realize that you’ve found the hobby of your whole life. Can you realize this just by looking at yachts for rent docked at mooring, waiting for you to pick one of them? Of course, not. Give it a try – only then you will know. Who knows, maybe you are one click away from the passion of your life!


  • You will have a ton of fun.

Book yacht charter miami at

How Do I Choose a Yacht?

The yacht you choose should fit your occasion, number of people aboard and the budget of course. It is also a great idea to use yacht rentals as a way to try out various water sports. You can find some great tips on how to pick the right boat here. Boating may not become your permanent hobby, nevertheless, take it from us – you will have a great time regardless of the circumstances, people you invite and type of boat you choose. Maybe, none of your friends agreed to go – then you can rent a smaller boat and spend an incredible day alone with the vast and incredible ocean. Those, who have tried, say this is an ultimate refreshing technique. So, if you are feeling weary, charter a yacht and get ready to leave all your worries on the shore.

How Can I Charter a Yacht?

We hope that now you are enthusiastic about sailing into deep sea or learning how to steer more than you have ever been in your life. But you also have a lot of questions. “What are average yacht rental prices? Where can I find trustworthy yacht charter?” Well, here is good news: now you don’t need to worry about these questions, because you can use Follow these simple steps to find and book a boat for your day-off:

  • Specify departure location, date and type of charter (hourly or daily). For example you are visiting Miami and picked hourly rentals.  You will now see a list of yacht rental Miami and locations within 30 miles have to offer. Then you will be taken to the extended search form. We advise you to plan your epic party or romantic vacation in advance, so you will be able to pick from the best boats available without rush.
  • Fill in the areas that are important to you – the type of boat, preferred price, captain assistance. If you are throwing a party, ask your potential guests to confirm their attendance in advance.It’ll be frustrating to book an 80’ luxury yacht with a professional captain and find out that only five people came.
  • Pick a boat and check extended description and photos available. Book the boat you liked the most and wait for your epic vacation!


What If I Need Advice?

If you still have some questions left, feel free to contact us via live chat at the website or via any other ways of communication you prefer (you can find them at Contacts).  We will gladly help you find the best yachts for rent and deal with any questions that may arise in process. We understand that renting a yacht for the first time, especially if you have no specific knowledge in this area, can appear challenging. We at are always ready to assist you on your way to deep sea and debunk the myth that renting a yacht is difficult.
yacht charter miami