Florida Speed Boat Rentals for a Day Trip to the Florida Keys

Speed boat rentals in Key West are perfect way to explore Key West if you should choose to go visit. If you’re planning a vacation at all though, the big question that you should ask, is what exactly is Key West? You hear about it all the time, of course, but what many people don’t know is that Key West is actually an island city that sits at the bottom of the Florida Keyes. It sits a short ninety miles north of Cuba and features a rather unique aesthetic when held in comparison with the rest of the state.

There are plenty of activities that you can partake in should you choose to visit Key West, and if you really want to enhance your vacation, make sure you visit Fleming Key to the east, and of course take a look at the various attractions that Key West is known for; such as scuba diving if you feel like going deep. You will find, of course, that even the best vacation spot is made better if you have the freedom to move around. Key West is an island, as we mentioned before, which means you have quite a bit to explore around the coast, and out deeper.

First of all, you could go so far as to hire someone to move you about in their boat, but this is not only boring, it can become very expensive. Renting a boat for a set period of time, on the other hand, allows you more freedom and the ability to come and go as you please. The one thing that you will need to make sure of however, is that you are able to find a good rental, namely one from another boat owner.

Rent a Boat in Key West and Have an Experience Like No Other

As we mentioned before, Key West has many entertainment opportunities, many of which will prove to be once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Once your vacation is over, all you will have are the memories, so why not make them great?

Take a Kayak Night Trip

If you’ve ever considered boating at night, this would be the way to do it. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the waters around Key West in the dark of night, and the best part, is the kayaks are illuminated. Kayaks have a huge advantage over larger boats in that they are inexpensive to rent for a night, or even the entire day, and they’re very easy for a novice to handle.

Go Fishing

There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of a fishing boat rental in Key West, and even more opportunities to indulge in the local marine life population. From Blue Marlin, to the snapper, and even the barracuda, you’re going to catch some impressive fish and have some great pictures to take home – if you ever decide to leave, that is! Remember, fishing charters come equipped for any occasion whether you want to go for some casual sport, or reel in the heavy weights. Then again, maybe you want to try your hand at deep sea fishing, which requires even tougher equipment.

Jet Ski Rentals

A boat rental in Key West for that matter, doesn’t need to be a forty footer or even a sailboat – sometimes you want to go a little smaller, and who doesn’t want to try a personal watercraft at some point in their lives? A jet ski rental can last just an hour, or it can go through the day. They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re a thrill like no other. If you want to stray a bit further from the land, there are also boat rentals that come with jet skis, allowing you to travel out further and have a wider area to ‘play’ in.

Speed Boat Day Trips

The quintessential day trip on the water usually involves a speed boat with a 16 to 26 foot sundeck. These boats are great for off-shore excursions, allowing you to enjoy the water with a few of your friends, whether it’s two people, or up to twelve. Speed boats are among the most popular rental options in Key West, so they tend to go fast! Make sure you call a few weeks in advance to guarantee you’ll get the speed boat you want for all of your friends – you don’t want anyone riding on the bow.

Key West boat rentals from can open up an entirely new world for you.



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