What to See and Do at Art Basel Miami 2017

Miami has long been considered a place where artists thrive, and since the founding of the Art Basel art fair in 2002 it has also become a destination for art lovers and art collectors to head every December to enjoy what has become one of the best known and most respected art fairs in the world.

Never experienced Art Basel for yourself? Think of a little like Miami’s Cannes, but for art instead of film. Not only do more than 4,000 artists gather to showcase – and sell – their work but there is a party atmosphere of the kind that is truly unique to Miami; lively, colorful, warm, fun and accepting of all. It’s three days of culture, entertainment and of course yacht renting Miami puts on every art lover’s bucket list.

There is so much more to Art Basel than just the main exhibit hall though. Over the course of the festival there are satellite art fairs, glamorous parties, special dining events and more. Add to that all that Miami has to offer in general – and that’s a lot – and any visitor to Art Basel is in for a fabulous time. We do have some suggestions though, for making it truly a trip to remember.

Yacht renting Miami for Art Basel

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Yacht renting Miami Style

As we mentioned, the Art Basel Miami festival has become very much a star-studded affair. And many of those stars don’t spend the weekend holed up in some hotel, they take advantage of the great weather, and make a luxury yacht their home away from home for the weekend. And you can do the same.

Yacht renting Miami is not something reserved just for the rich and famous, it’s a more affordable than you might think option for everyone, and one of the biggest party weekends on the Miami Beach calendar is a fantastic time to try it out.


Once you head ashore, you’ll find there are parties going on all weekend long. Some are, as you might expect, A (and maybe B) lister celebrities only parties, but there are plenty that are welcoming to all. If you are a fan of club partying there are plenty of opportunities to indulge a passion for music and dancing, and better known venues like Club Space, LIV and Rec Room you can practically party on 24/7. However, also be on the lookout for the street parties, less formal – and usually less expensive – casual soirees that often feature the best in local street food and the art of up and comers who didn’t quite make the cut for the big hall at Art Basel (but very well may do in a few years, so maybe you should snap up a piece or two now..)

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Check Out Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls is another experience that no art lover should miss when in Miami, whatever time of year it is. Founded in 2009 during that year’s Art Basel it is a huge, free outdoor museum (of sorts) where buildings have replaced canvases and the paintings are meters, rather than inches, high. Some of the world’s best known street artists have added their touch to Wynwood Walls – including Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGuinness, Kenny Scharf, Retna and the Date Farmers – but there are also amazing works of art by lesser known but equally talented artists that are well worth checking out (and taking the obligatory selfie for Snapchat with)

yacht renting Miami for Art Basel

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Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Whether you are out on the Miami streets soaking up all the sights and sounds or back on your luxury yacht renting Miami enjoying some relaxing down time the food and beverage options available to Art Basel visitors are incredible. Across the city you’ll find restaurants, cafes and food trucks offering almost every type of cuisine in the world and if you want to try cooking up your own onboard feast there are a slew of great food markets offering the best in local produce and seafood. Alternately many yacht rentals do offer catering as an optional extra, so why not really live like a star during Art Basel Miami weekend and have a private chef whip you up something tasty and delicious instead?

yacht renting Miami

Whatever you do, if you head to Art Basel Miami you are guaranteed to have fun, enjoy some rather amazing art and, if you are not from our sunny shores escape the nasty winter that grips much of the rest of the country (and beyond) during the month of December and how nice would that be?

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