Five Big Miami Boat Rentals Myths Debunked

You don’t have to be in Miami for too long to begin to understand the huge role the water plays in the day to day ‘life’ of the city and the surrounding area. Where there is open water there are always going to be boats and so Miami boat rentals are often at – or near – the top of a visitor’s to do list when they visit our unique and truly vibrant city.

There are, however, several persistent myths that keep others from truly enjoying all that the water around Miami have to offer. In the interest of trying to help ensure that anyone has the best possible experience when visiting – or even living in- the Magic City, we thought we’d take the time to look at some of the most common Miami boat rental myths and offer a little information about the realities behind them.

Myth #1: Miami Boat Rentals are Too Expensive

This is a biggie. There are those who do not ever even inquire about renting a boat – although they’d love to – because they have heard that doing so is hugely expensive and not something the ‘average’ person can afford to do.

That however, could not be further from the truth. Ask yourself for a second, how much would you expect to spend on a great meal while on vacation? Around $40 per person sounds pretty reasonable, right? Well, that’s about what it will cost to rent a boat with too. The rates are a little higher for the flashier options – but not anywhere near as high as you might imagine – and a day out on the water anywhere around Miami offers so much more than even a really great meal.

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Myth #2: You Must Follow a Preplanned Route

There are, quite literally – hundreds of miles of waterway around Miami and there is something to suit every taste and we agree, it would suck if you were limited in where you could head by someone else’s idea of a great itinerary. When you rent with you can pick and choose where you go and what you do. You can hire a captain to help guide and advise you, but they’ll never force you to go anywhere, it’s your trip, you get to decide.

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Myth #3: You Have to Book a Miami Boat Rentals Months in Advance

Booking months in advance is perhaps advisable, especially if you are the kind of person who always likes to have a good plan, but it is not a must, at least if you work with Thanks to our extensive number of different Miami boat rental options there are almost always some fabulous last-minute deals available, even if your vacation has already begun and it’s only know you have realized how great it might be to explore our fair city by sea as well as by land.


Myth #4: Boat Parties are a Celebrity Thing

Do celebrities like to party on fancy yachts? You bet they do. Keep an eye out and chances are that you might spot one or two during your own trip to Miami. But you don’t have to be famous – or rich – to enjoy a little partying at sea.

From bachelor and bachelorette parties, engagement parties, and corporate outings to little kids’ birthday parties and graduation celebrations at we’ve seen – and helped arrange – every kind of boat party imaginable. In addition to helping you choose just the right Miami boat rental option we can also help arrange decorations, catering and for all kinds of world-class onboard entertainment and at prices you don’t have to be a megastar to afford (you just might look like one in those great Instagram pictures your friends back home will marvel at though.)

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Myth #5: Renting a Boat is Not a Thing That Locals Do

Living in Miami does often mean that, at some point – buying a boat might be on your agenda, but boats aren’t cheap to buy, so it’s one of those luxury purchases that may be years in the making. But why wait until you can afford your own boat to enjoy some special moments on the water with your family and friends? Or to get out there and finally learn how to fish and take on some great Miami sportfishing? Or just enjoy a bit of a change from lying on the beach watching everyone else’s’ boats go by and wishing it were you?

Miami boat rentals for locals!

Miami boat rentals with is easy, will only cost you about the same as a good night out on the town on land and yet offers so much more. Whether you are just visiting Miami or if it’s the place you call home the sea is calling you for all kinds of reasons and it would be a shame to miss out just because of a few silly myths and misconceptions that we hope now you understand were wrong all along!

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