Rent a Yacht for your Wedding!

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Rent a yacht for your special day!

As an alternative wedding venue, renting a yacht is an idea that’s growing in popularity, especially in the Miami area where the weather usually cooperates with the happy couple’s plans and the scenery is magnificent.

Rent a yacht for your wedding at

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The one thing many couples do wonder is just how much does it cost to rent a yacht for a wedding, and how do those costs compare to more conventional options like renting a banquet hall or a back room at a restaurant.

There is, of course, no one easy answer. Most yacht rental companies offer a wide variety of yachts, ranging from the smaller, sportier craft to the kinds of luxury yachts that you see the rich and famous celebrating on.

Rent a yacht for your special day at

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However, that being said, you can determine some of the basic potential costs.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a wedding?

Most yachts can be rented by the hour, and those prices range from a little over $150 per hour for a fun, sporty 40′ cruiser that can accommodate up to 12 guests –  perfect for a smaller, intimate wedding. Up to over $1,000 for the crewed and captained exclusive use of a luxury yacht offering amenities and extras that rival – or exceed – those of a high end 5-star luxury hotel.

Rent a yacht for your wedding at BOAT.ME

Midnight Sun Yacht accommodates up to 150 guests

There is a lot to consider when researching renting a yacht for a wedding:

How many guests are likely to be attending?

Where would you like to go?

What kind of food and beverage options do you need?

Rent a yacht for your wedding

For some couples the glamor of a wedding right on the water in the heart of downtown Miami is a dream come true. For others, sailing out to a gorgeous, out of the way island to exchange vows sounds like the wedding of their dreams.

A yacht rental for a wedding offers so many amazing opportunities. And the best part? Choosing a yacht rental company like BOAT.ME means you also have a full staff of experts at your disposal to help you plan the perfect day and ensure that your cream yacht wedding goes off without a hitch.

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Where to go by boat in Miami?

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Miami, and the areas surrounding it, offer some of the best boating destinations to be found anywhere in North America, and even in the world. However, to see and experience it all can take a lifetime (just ask anyone who lives here) So, once you have made the decision to rent a boat or book a charter where should you go, especially if you only have limited time?

Sometimes it helps if you take your interests and biggest desires into account. Here are just some suggestions (call or email the staff at and they’ll be able to give you lots more!)

Best for Foodies:

There are so many places to dock and dine in and around Miami, but these are some of our personal favorites that we can recommend very highly.

Monty’s Sunset – A floating dining dock, some of the best blue crab found anywhere, live music and great staff.

Rent a boat and dock for lunch

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The Rusty Pelican – Probably the best dock and dine views in Miami and a weekend brunch that is out of this world.

Rent a boat and make a stop for brunch

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Kiki On the River – Great food, excellent service. Just the kind of swanky place you’d imagine that yacht owners would frequent. And you are a yacht owner, if only for a day!

Best Beach Stops

You can’t come to Miami without experiencing our beaches. But which are best for boaters? Here are some suggestions:

Flagler Island – only a couple of miles of downtown Miami you will find an island with a sand beach and picturesque view over the city. The only way to get here is to rent a boat, so don’t miss the chance to discover Miami’s hidden gem!

Haulover Beach – White sands, huge sand dunes, rolling ocean surf. Lots of fun for all the family but there’s also a small, private section for nude sunbathing, if the ultimate all over tan is your goal.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach – Quiet, tranquil and brimming with wildlife. If you are seeking tranquility this Biscayne Bay spot is perfect.

Rent a boat for a perfect Miami experience

Best for Sightseers

There is so much to see in Miami, but you can see even more if you get out onto the water. Rent a boat with an experienced local captain who will also be your best guide for the best views and spots.

Rent a boat at and explore Miami

A trip around the waters surrounding downtown Miami is a must, and we never get tired of doing a little celebrity spotting along Millionaire’s Row. And if you are a nature lover? Your options are almost endless.


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How much is a private yacht charter?

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If you are looking to book a private yacht charter if you haven’t so before it can be a little daunting. Often a search will bring up options that look similar but seem to be priced very differently. If you are not too familiar with yacht charters it can be hard to understand why.

There are, however, lots of factors that go into determining the price of a private yacht charter. Even a base price (the basic hourly/daily rate) can even differ for a number of reasons.

Private yacht charter rates

54′ Sea Ray. Click to book!

Private yacht charter rates

40′ Van Dutch. Click to book!

Factors that affect the base price of a private yacht charter include:

The yacht charter rates 

When renting a private yacht charter size is not the only factor that will affect the base charter rate. If a boat is from a certain manufacturer, or is very new, it may command a higher rate than other craft that look the same to ‘the naked eye’.

The seasonal rates

If you are heading to Miami the weather is usually pretty good, but we do have a ‘high season’ and a ‘low season’ just like any other major tourist destination, so the timing of your planned yacht charter can have a significant effect on the price you’ll pay.

Extra expenses

Short-term private yacht charters usually include the fuel expenses into the charter rates. And will offer you catering services or allow ordering catering delivery from a restaurant. Long-term charters include these expenses into the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) deposit. The APA deposit is usually about 45% of the charter cost, it is paid upfront and at the end of the trip the unused funds are reimbursed.

Use of water toys like jet skis and inflatables

Private yacht charters ofter offer a jet ski or tubes complementary with a charter, but it’s always a good idea to double check what’s included into the rates.

Staff gratuities

The standard gratuity for the boating industry is 15%. With private yacht charters the gratuity is expected after the trip and is usually discussed and agreed on upfront.

Additional services like DJ service, professional photography

These services are not considered to be standard add ons for a charter, so it is very important to discuss the format of the party or trip you are planning  and all the extra stuff and equipment you would like to bring.

If you do find yourself getting a little overwhelmed by all the choices available when booking a yacht charter if you book with that’s not a problem. Our expert, friendly staff are just a call or email away and will be happy to help you plan the very best private yacht charter to meet your unique needs.

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Rent a boat and discover the best boating spots in Miami!

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Boating Spots Miami?

Miami Marinas

Miami offers a number of great marinas where you can simply hang out on your boat or dock up and go exploring. These include:

Dinner Key Marina – Rent a boat and explore the famous Coconut Grove.

Miami Beach Marina – Discover all that South Beach has to offer.

Miamarina at Bayside – The best place to moor up if you want to explore downtown Miami.

Key Biscayne – Paradise for those who love the beach and tranquility.


Rent a boat and discover the best boating spots in Miami

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The Florida Keys

If you are willing to take a slightly longer trip heading to the Florida Keys is well worth the trip at any time of year. Rent a boat with a professional captain and make a stops at:

Key West – Can you really visit the Keys and not go to Key West? You could, but we’d recommend you do. From visiting the cats at Ernest Hemingway’s house to the nightly festival in Mallory Square to some great diving and snorkeling just off shore there’s a very good reason Key West is so famous – it’s just one of the best places to visit in anywhere in the United States.

Key Largo – Just 18 miles away from downtown Miami this is a great spot for snorkeling and diving, for shopping and for enjoying some of the real, original Key Lime Pie.

Islamorada – Known by anglers to be the ‘Fishing Capital of the World’ this is a chain of small islands that are a must visit for any fisherman.


Willing to take a longer boat trip? Then plan to head over to Bimini. Even though it is just 50 miles east off the coast of Miami Bimini is the gateway to the Bahamas and once you are there it will feel like you entered a tropical paradise you may never want to leave. Rent a boat or a luxury yacht with an attentive and professional crew aboard and enjoy one of a kind experience!

Rent a boat or a yacht at

Proudly boasting the world’s largest cruise ship port and surrounded by the beautiful Biscayne Bay and the stunning Atlantic Ocean, Miami is a premiere destination for boating and sailing at any time of year. A boat rental or yacht charter will allow you to get in on the fun, but where should you head?

The fact is that there are hundreds of great boating spots in Miami and throughout the surrounding areas and there really is something for everybody. To list them all would be almost impossible, but we can offer some great suggestions (and if you need even more give the BOAT.ME a call or drop them a line via email, they’ll be happy to offer lots!)

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What Do I Need to Rent a Boat in Miami?

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 Rent a boat at BOAT.ME 

You probably know what you’ll need to rent a car if you are headed to Miami, but the chances are that you might not be as sure of what you’ll need if you want to rent a boat. As boating is one of the things that Miami is famous for worldwide it’s certainly something a lot of people do, and the good news is that the requirements to rent a boat in Miami are not as difficult to meet as you might think. Here’s a look at some of the basics:

  1. To rent a boat in Miami You must be at least 18 years old.  So you will need ID to prove that you are. That is a legal requirement, the owners of some charter boats may impose a higher age limit to rent their boat, that’s their personal decision.
  2. If you are under 22 years old, you’ll need to pass the Florida Boater’s Education exam. This is a low-cost class (usually around $25) and can be completed online. It’s actually a good idea for anyone, no matter how old to take it if they are renting a boat for the first time as it offers some invaluable information.
  3. You’ll need government issued ID (driver’s license, no driver ID, passport etc.)
  4. A major credit card. No matter whether you rent your boat online or offline almost every owner makes a credit card a requirement. The investment they make in their boats is a significant one and they prefer a little extra security when renting it out.
  5. An open mind. Boating in Miami means many different things to different people. It offers the chance to sightsee, party, fish, enjoy watersports and much more. Come down with an open mind and you’ll quickly find a boating trip in Miami can be almost anything you want it to be.
Rent a boat at BOAT.ME.

Rent a boat at BOAT.ME. Click to book

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party?

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  • How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party? 

    • The average cost to rent a yacht for a party in Miami vary from $1000 to $3000 per 4 hours. For example, you can rent this 40′ cruiser at just $720 per 4 hours or this gorgeous 86′ Azimut at $4600 for 4 hours. Both yachts take up to 12 guests.

      Rent a yacht in Miami! up to 12 guests, complementary champagne

      Click to book

  • How many guests can a yacht charter take?

    • The majority of yacht charters can take up to 12-13 guests. For a larger party you will have to consider renting a bigger vessel that specializes in holding big events. Such yachts will offer catering services and entertainment as well. This selection of party boat rentals will give you an idea of what these vessels look like. 
    • Rent a yacht in Miami for a large boat party
  • How to plan a yacht party?

    • A formal cocktail party with appetizers or a light dinner requires a bigger yacht, so you would want to rent a yacht over 40 feet. You will need a kitchen with a proper fridge to store and serve drinks and food. And more space to move around. A fun gathering with friends on the contrary might be taking place on the cockpit all the time! You would want to swim and sun bath and play with the water toys! So a pick a yacht that fits the budget: anything from a 21′ Yamaha, a 24′ Pontoon to a 37′ Sea Ray might work. 
    • Rent a yacht for a party in Miami

      65′ Princess yacht rental in Miami. Click to book

  • Boat party food and drinks ideas 

    • Many yacht charters come with some great food and beverage service options. From basic picnic supplies (maybe a stop at a sandbar to eat would be fun) to elegant canapés and drink service to full sit-down meals. Most yacht charters will allow you to bring your own food and beverages or order from your favorite restaurants. Rent a yacht with catering services
  • What are the best places to party on a boat?

    • Maybe you don’t want to go too far and just want to hit one of the popular party spots like a Nixon or Haulover sandbar in Miami. Or maybe you want to offer your party guests a bit of a sightseeing trip as well. Maybe you like the idea of heading to a quiet beach at the Monument island and partying there? These options and more are usually available, but they will affect the overall price as one routes might take more time than the others.  
      Rent a yacht in Miami for your party!

      Party yacht charters. Click to book

      Once you have answered these questions you can begin a better search for the perfect party boat rental. And if you rent via BOAT.ME you can always reach out and ask one of our boat rental experts for help and advice as well.

A yacht party might sound like something reserved for the rich and famous but, as more and more people are discovering, that’s not the case at all. Often the cost of renting a yacht for a party, here in Miami anyway, is comparable to that of renting a land-based venue like a hotel banquet room or nightclub back room.

Miami Yacht Charters at the Boat Show Week 2018

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yacht charters at BOAT.ME

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The world knows that Miami is one of the boat capitals of the world and that Miami yacht charters are a fabulous way to enjoy the amazing waters around the city and beyond.

In February however, boats take on even more importance. The Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show will be docking docks in the Magic City from February 15-19, 2018, at the iconic Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin. But that’s not all.

Miami yacht charters

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The newly rebranded Miami Yacht Show – formerly known as the Yachts Miami Beach show and now in its 30th year will be staged – complete with floating docks – along Collins Avenue across from the legendary Fontainebleau and Eden Roc hotels at the same time, February 15th – 19, 2018.

Therefore, if you love beautiful boats – as well as fabulous food and drink and stellar entertainment – then Miami is certainly the place to head this coming President’s Day weekend.

What’s in store for you if you do? Here’s a look to whet your appetite for some Miami nautical fun even further:

The Miami International Boat Show

Sponsored by Progressive Insurance, GM Marine Technology, Miller Lite and a slew of other big names this show offers sailors, boaters and dreamers thee chance to explore over 1,400 new boats, yachts, sailboats, catamarans and to peruse thousands more boating accessories.

Highlights of the show include crewed demonstrations of some of the most extraordinary boats from all over the world, the chance to take some basic boating lessons, shop for some amazing gadgets and if you like to eat, the dockside dining options are huge in number.

Miami yacht charters at

Miami Marina at Miami Boat Show

This year that is especially true as in addition to several sit-down restaurants some of the city’s best known and best loved food trucks will be in attendance and there will be some very innovative – and tasty – pop up food stands dotted around the site as well.

Entrance to the show is very affordable – just $25 for the day – and there is a great mix of boaters – from the highly experienced to the landlubbers who want to become boaters and everyone in between, so the conversation is always lively, informative and entertaining.

The Miami Yacht Show

This show is all about the best that the yachting world has to offer. Over 500 yachts will be moored up during the show along Collins Avenue, ranging from ultra-high end super yachts to more affordable options designed for those just entering the yachting world (with pricing ranging, were you in the market to buy, from $250,000 to $30 million!)

There will also be many classes and seminars available that are designed to educate, entertain and inform boaters of all kinds and skill levels, and some excellent dining options – include some excellent dockside dining opportunities featuring the best locally caught seafood – available as well.

Entrance for the day to the Miami Yacht Show also costs $25 here and the show encompasses the stretch of Collins Avenue from 41st Street to 54th Street. Alternately you could choose to enjoy a VIP experience that will give you access to all of those really stunning super yachts.

Staging a Show of Your Own

As Miami residents and boat aficionados we love to attend both shows and can highly recommend that you do as well, should you get the chance.

We also have another suggestion; while you are here in Miami checking out the boat shows why not turn the trip into something really special by taking advantage of one of our Miami yacht charters?

Miami yacht charter at

Click to book

Great examples of many of the models you will see at the boat shows make up the offerings available for charter at BOAT.ME. Did you fall in love with a particular boat while at the show but know you are going to have to save for a few years before you could ever consider buying one? Check out our easy to search rental listings, as the chances are you might find something similar there. Then you can plan your very own ‘boat show’ to round of your fabulous trip. 

And remember that VIP trip idea being floated at the shows?  Why not enjoy your own? Want to enjoy champagne and Michelin Star class food on board a yacht fit for a supermodel? We can help. Did you love all the cool water toys on display? Many of our rentals do come equipped with some of the best of them, letting you ‘play’ with them all day.

Miami Yacht charters

Click to book

There are lots of amazing sights, sounds and experiences to take in in Miami at any time, but the upcoming ‘boat week’ offers you even more than usual. This event only happens once a year, so don’t miss out. Make your plans, buy your show tickets and book your Miami yacht rental now!

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Bar Hopping with Miami Boat Rentals

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Book Miami boat rentals to go bar hopping at

Bar hopping is a time-honored tradition for many, and certainly on the top of the agenda for many when they visit the party-friendly city of Miami and the surrounding area. With hundreds to choose from the scope for a truly great bar hopping session is huge and there really is something to suit every taste. Miami boat rentals can help take your partying to the next level though, adding an exciting new dimension to the fun.

Miami boat rentals

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The Basics of Barhopping

When stopping at multiple bars in one evening – or for the very hardy, one day – there are certain basic rules that need to be followed. Don’t drink too much at once (t’s hard to say you went barhopping if you do so many shots that you pass out at the second bar) always eat while you drink (not hard as most bars also serve excellent eats) And, most important of all, never, ever drink and drive.

So, unless you have a very patient – and very kind – designated driver in your group barhopping in your own car is a no-no. You could try catching an Uber to ferry you between drinking establishments, but that can get very expensive very quickly, especially at peak times when surge pricing goes into effect.

You could try walking from bar to bar, but 1) that seriously limits the scope of your trip and 2) at some point walking may turn into wobbling and that won’t be a whole lot of fun. A better idea? Rent a pontoon boat and get your party on both on and off the waters of Miami.

Parties + Pontoon Boating = Perfect Match

If you have never sailed in one you may not quite know just what a Miami pontoon boat rental has to offer. For a start, these kinds of elegant watercraft are quite literally designed for partying.

Miami Boat rentals

24′ Bentley Pontoon – click to book

In very basic terms a pontoon boat is one that boasts a large flat deck mounted on metal tubes known as pontoons (thus the name) These offer a lot of extra buoyancy that allows boat designers to create some amazing deck plans featuring all kinds of cool things like large lounge areas, bars and sunbathing stations. As we mentioned, truly built for fun and certainly suited to a great party, day or night.

Renting one of these babies with Miami boat rentals from will allow you to party all day and night. Start the day with a welcome drink – maybe a light and fruity Bucks Fizz or a spicy Bloody Mary – then mix, mingle, dance, laugh, nap, sunbathe – whatever you want – then as dusk falls enjoy a cruise around Miami best sights before hitting up its best waterside bars. Sounds like a great time, right? Believe us, it is!

The Best Bars in Miami for Boaters

So, you have your great day on the boat planned – and your best swimwear packed – now you must choose which of the many great bars that line Miami’s lively waterfront you are going to have your captain moor up alongside so that you can really get the night into gear.

While there are, a we mentioned, lots to choose from that cover all kinds of vibes, themes and food and beverage options here’s a look at some of our personal favorites to get you started.

Miami Boat rentals for barhopping

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A sports bar in Miami is like no other sports bar in other cities, as Duffy’s proves. Sure, the folks there like the Dolphins, they love the Heat and they are all hoping Derek Jeter can work miracles with the Marlins, but the action at Duffy’s is about a lot more than first downs, three-point plays and home runs.

Warm, lively and friendly this bar boasts the obligatory big screen TVs for those who do want to watch the games and root for the home teams, but there is also a sprawling waterfront pool deck, a great DJ and two-for-one drink specials all night long.

Miami Boat rental for bar hopping

Photo credit:

Shuckers Waterfront Grill

Yes, this is a restaurant – and a truly iconic one at that, as they have been serving up the finest in fresh caught Miami seafood for years – but no one minds if you just want to hit the bar and enjoy a few items from their extensive drinks menu. The view from the waterfront patio deck is amazing, the vibe is cool, laid back and in no way pretentious (not every bar in Miami can claim that) and for those watching their wallets as they barhop $13 Presidente pitchers are hard to beat.

Miami boat rentals for bar hopping

Photo credit:

MO Bar + Lounge

Located inside the swanky Mandarin Oriental Miami hotel this is the bar to hit if you grew up watching Miami Vice and wishing you were Crockett, Tubbs or one of the many hot ladies they tended to hang with. It’s hip, it’s trendy and the views of downtown Miami across the waterfront are stunning.

Add to that the fact that the clever cocktails are perfectly crafted – and the bartenders are actually super friendly and helpful – and you have a great spot for those who really want to drink in (figuratively and literally) some real Miami glamor without actually going completely broke.

Miami boat rentals for bar hopping

Photo credit:

Kiki on the River

Kiki on the River is another of the Miami River’s best-known restaurants, but it too has a kicking bar that serves up some of the best beer, wine cocktails – and as this a Greek joint ouzo –  you’ll find anywhere. The boho chic vibe is relaxing and welcoming, the waterfront views are stunning and as a place to end your Miami boat rentals barhop before cruising on home, it’s the perfect choice.

Miami boat rentals

Photo credit:

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Miami Yacht Charter for Fabulous Romantic Getaways

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Miami and the surrounding areas are popular with tourists for all kinds of reasons; fantastic food, stunning scenery, world-class dining and of course, some of the best sailing, water sports and fishing in the world. But not everyone is looking for action on a trip to Miami. Some want to take things slow and enjoy a little relaxation and romance. And that’s where Miami yacht charter for romantic getaways comes in.

Miami yacht charters

Click to book

Romance, South Florida Style

Many would say that Miami and South Florida already offer three very important elements of a great romantic getaway courtesy of Mother Nature; bright sun, stunning seas and miles of golden sands. It’s hard to disagree with that, but the Miami area has a lot more to offer to romance seekers than a great day at the beach, especially if you take advantage of Miami yacht charter. Here’s a look at some of them:

Miami Yacht Charters

Click to book

Exploring Miami Beach

Miami Beach has always been considered a glamorous, mythical place where some of the most beautiful people in the world head out to play. Considered the ‘nightclub capital of the world’ if you enjoy a night of dancing with your significant other, you are certainly in for a treat. And the number of amazing restaurants that line the streets is almost unbelievable.

Miami Beach is also great for quieter dates. Simply strolling through the stunning Art Deco district or heading to a quiet corner of one of the beautiful beaches offers a simpler form of romance that many will truly appreciate.

Most of the best sites in Miami Beach can be taken in from the water – and stunning sites they are too from that vantage – and there are several marinas where your private yacht charter can stop off for a while to allow you to wander around this magical, vibrant and endlessly surprising area to your heart’s content.

Miami yacht charters at

45′ Sea Ray Sundancer. Click to book

Beautiful Bimini

If your idea of the ideal romantic getaway is simply spending some quiet, laid back time with your partner in beautiful surroundings with easy access to fabulous food and delicious drinks then a trip to Bimini – which is around two hours from Miami by sea in a luxury Miami yacht rental – is a must.

Author, humorist and local Miami legend Dave Barry once wrote of Bimini; “Bimini is wonderful. The most wonderful thing about it is that, because of the prevailing winds, currents, tides, rum supply, etc., Bimini is located smack-dab in the center of what scientists believe to be the world’s most powerful Lethargy Zone. It is extremely difficult to remain tense there. The moment you arrive, lethargy waves start washing over you, seeping into your body, turning your skeletal system into taffy.”

Miami Yacht Charter - trip to BImini

Photo credit: Pixabay

As very colorful as Mr. Barry’s words are, he’s absolutely right. Once you hit the island your cares seem to float away. One could be more than content simply sitting on the beach with a bucket of beers and some fabulous local conch for hours, and if the love of your life is there too how much better could it get?

For the more adventurous a trip to the Fountain of Youth – yes, that one, the one Ponce de Leon discovered and waxed lyrical about – is located on the south of the island – and what better place to declare your undying love for your significant other than a tropical paradise that it’s claimed can grant you eternal youth?

Private Dinner Cruising

Have less time to spend on a romantic getaway but want to do something really special with what time you do have? Then a private dinner cruise is the perfect choice.

A private dinner cruise on a Miami yacht rental is not a matter of simply stepping onto a boat and eating a preprepared meal and drinking a few bottles of generic wine. Instead it’s a chance to enjoy a fully catered five-star meal in the most luxurious of surroundings while taking in some of the most amazing sites to be found in around Miami. You can be the stars of your own romantic movie for the evening and enjoy a truly memorable time together, whatever the occasion.

Miami yacht charter for a romantic getaway

44′ Custom Yacht. Click to book

For Active Daters

If action and adventure are more your dating style, then a Miami yacht charter is also the perfect choice for you. From fun with ‘water toys’ like jet skis, tubes and water skis to a day spent chasing down some off the most challenging to catch fish to be found in the water anywhere you can pursue the exciting, active date you prefer and best of all? You can still end the day on the water with a fabulous romantic dinner under the stars!

Miami yacht charter


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BVI Yacht Charters – Experience Sailing in Style

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Of all the sailing destinations in the Caribbean the British Virgin Islands are often considered to be the best choice, and in the minds of some they offer some of the best sailing opportunities in the world. However, you don’t have to be a seasoned yachtsman to enjoy BVI yacht charters, just a person in search of a dream destination voyage experience you’ll never forget.

BVI yacht charters

photo credit:

The Unique Magic of the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are made up of the larger islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke, along with over fifty other smaller islands and cays. Only a handful of these islands – around fifteen – are inhabited but for those with access to a yacht many of the islands that are not homes for humans are just as easy to explore and offer unique sites and experiences that go beyond the usual.

BVI Yacht Charters at

photo credit: Pixabay

This means that a trip to the British Virgin Islands offers it all; lively restaurants, shops and attractions, abundant history, beautiful scenery and the chance to explore worlds you may never have even imagined existed.

Here is a brief look at just some of the delights awaiting you with BVI yacht charters

Virgin Gorda Island yacht charters

The ‘fat virgin’ offers all of the kinds of enticements the name subtly suggests. This island is home to luxury resorts, restaurants and extravagant shopping but also to some of the most historic and fascinating sights in the BVI chain.

Take a trip to ‘The Baths’, with its natural caves, grottos and saltwater baths and you can experience what is considered to be a must do on any trip. Or moor up and take a hike up to the summit of the stunning Gorda Peak to enjoy stunning and panoramic views of the miles of stunning vistas below.

There are also sandy beaches and quiet coves to explore along with the ruins of copper mines, forts and even former pirate’s haunts!

BVI Yacht Charters

photo credit:

Anegada Island

Anegada Island is the BVI’s only coral island, an unspoiled piece of paradise that is home to some of the most stunning wildlife in the Caribbean, from flocks of flamingos to colorful fish of all kinds who flock around the unofficial ‘kings’ of the island, the Anegada Lobster.

The island, with its unusual pink conch shell mountains is a magnet for divers, as it is from here one can dive down and explore more than 300 wrecks, ranging from tiny long doomed fishing boats to British and Spanish galleons and American privateers.

BVI Yacht Charters

photo credit:

Jost Van Dyke yacht charters

At just four miles long and three miles wide Jost Van Dyke is a tiny island, but an awful lot of fun, food and adventure is packed into this rather small space. For foodies the island offers the chance to experience a wide variety of local cuisine at its best. For wildlife fans there is the chance to sit at the end of an idyllic pier and watch the dolphins jump past. And for party fans? The yacht galas thrown in Jost Van Dyke harbor are legendary, especially at New Year’s.

BVI Yacht Charters

photo credit:

Island Hopping

Remember all those little uninhabited islands we mentioned? A BVI yacht charter gives the opportunity to hop around them and enjoy some truly special experiences. From enjoying a luxury spa treatment on Peter’s Island, to exploring the pirate filled history of Scrub Island to indulging fishing, watersports and scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters off Cooper Island there really is something for everyone, and with the freedom a private yacht charter BVI offers you can explore it all your way, at your own pace. 


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